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TAHT: Giving Thanks for Flexibility…

Thou Art Homeschooled Thursdays:

Last night, my hubby got home from band practice (around 10pm) and my kiddos were still up. They are on Fall Break (yes, we get to decide when that happens!) and I allowed them a later bedtime in order to see their Dad before bed.

Once I was sure they’d been able to have some good “Daddy-time”, I informed them it was time for bed. I thought my hubby would be in complete agreement.

Instead, he shocked me. 

“Why do they have to go to bed?” he asked.

“Well, it’s late and…” 

“BUT…” he interrupted, “They are on Fall Break, right? They don’t have to go to bed yet.”

So, they didn’t.

And they were extremely happy.

They stayed up another hour, giggling and snuggling with us while watching a TV show.

My hubby is a hardworking man and supports us in our homeschooling endeavors, though he admits he doesn’t always understand why I wanted to homeschool so badly. He is sometimes still unsure about homeschooling versus public school. But last night, during our family snuggle time, he let us all know by his actions AND in words, that he realized homeschool is the right choice for our family. 

I don’t know if we will homeschool until graduation. I take it one year at a time. We will listen to the Lord and follow His leading on the subject. But for now, we are enjoying the struggles, the triumphs and the discoveries of being a homeschooling family. And for that…

I am VERY thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


4 thoughts on “TAHT: Giving Thanks for Flexibility…

  1. Your hubby let the kids know how much he enjoyed their waiting up for him, when he invited them to stay up a bit longer. Wonderful, quality family moments.

    I admire your desire to homeschool your children. It seems to be a very good fit for you and your family. It is perfect that you are open to what the Lord wants you to do concerning this arrangement.

    Today, ’tis terrific Thanksgiving Day together.

    Linda A.


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