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FTRF: Rhythm and Rhyme

It’s “Free to Rhyme (or not!) Fridays:
If you caught Tuesday’s post, I hope you read all the comments, especially the last comment (besides mine).  Author/Illustrator David Slonin was gracious enough to stop by and share some lyrics set to the tune of Greensleeves. If you get a chance, check out his websites. He is amazingly gifted!

Since today’s topic is poetry, I thought I’d share some of the online poetry resources I use for all my rhyming and non-rhyming poems. 🙂

Rhymezone.com This is a fabulous site. You must bookmark it. Not only can you find rhymes, it breaks them down into syllabic categories. You can also search for synonyms, antonyms, related words and tons more. You can even search to see if the word was used in Shakespeare’s works! If you haven’t done so already, bookmark it as fast as you can!

Rhymer.com  I’ve used this site a few times, but it’s not nearly as good as Rhymezone. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

GigglePoetry.com  I go here to be inspired! The poems make me laugh everytime. It’s a great site and has the ALA stamp of approval. You AND your kids will love it.

A side note: I subbed a poem to the SCBWI Bulletin today. If it gets accepted, I’ll share the good news next Friday (hopefully!). If I receive a rejection, I’ll post the poem here. Hope you don’t mind.

Today’s poetry challenge: check out a poetry book for kids and get a feel for how the author keeps the reader wanting more.  I highly recommend the book, Because I Could Not Stop My Bike by Karen Jo Shapiro. She writes kids poems based on the rhythm of other famous adult poetry. She was interviewed here on NPR.

Do you have any online resources you’d like to share? Or how about a poem? 🙂 I’ll probably be asking that question a few times a month. So be prepared!


2 thoughts on “FTRF: Rhythm and Rhyme

  1. I left for the mountains after having my family for Thanksgiving lunch. It’s now Sunday and I’m trying to read quite a few emails. I appreciate the resources for writing poetry. I will check them out. I look forward to learning from this weekly posting.



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