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TT: Showing more Indie love!

Okay, so today is one of my fave days of the week…it’s TUNES TUESDAY! 🙂 

I had the opportunity to chat with Tom Millspaugh, owner/operator of The INN (A unique Christian coffee-house located in Salisbury NC) last weekend. He has graciously agreed to allow me to interview him in the next month.

Tom has also introduced me to some fabulous new local talent. So in the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more on the local indie musicians.  There will be a variety of music, musicians and hopefully, some interviews thrown in the mix.


Today’s TUNES TUESDAY group is out of Tallahassee, FL. Let’s give a warm welcome to… CANOPY RED!

Here is a link to their Indie Heaven tunes — http://www.indieheaven.com/artist_main.php?id=97069

According to their website: “Signed to Creative Soul Records, its self-titled EP is loaded with just at much variety as it is introspection. “Like our name says, we want to show more people, both saved and unsaved, what it means to live under the shelter of Christ’s blood.”

Let me know what you think about their sound and message!


As for my own music, I am in the mood! I picked up my guitar yesterday and did a little practicing. My fingers are rusty, but I’ve not lost the feel. I didn’t write any new music this past month, even though it was on my nano rebel list. But – I’ve got the bug again. Are any of you songwriters? If so, what kind of songs do you write? Do you sing? play an instrument? How do you express yourselves?


7 thoughts on “TT: Showing more Indie love!

  1. Donna,

    Thanks for introducing me to more Christian musical talent. I enjoyed their variety. My favorite number was “Why Would You?” How wonderful that there are great coffee houses that welcome Christian musicians.

    I do not play an instrument or sing for an audience, but I do sing while riding in the car and at church from my pew. I enjoy listening to music very much.

    I have a sister who sings in our church choir, teaches music in elementary school, and leads a children’s choir. Boy can siblings be different.

    Good luck with your tunes and songwriting. I love that you feel inspired. Go for it.

    Linda A.


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