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MM: tweens who clean and possible interview

no...this is NOT my living room. PUhleeze! but it is a pretty pic, isn't it? 🙂

Okay, so the inside of my house is far more ready for Christmas than it was a week ago. We’ve been listening to Christmas music since the week of Thanksgiving. And NO…I’m not ashamed of it. 🙂  The tree is decorated (and most of the lights work. YAY!), the table and dresser is, too. It’s so much fun to just sit and squinch my eyes shut while looking at the twinkling lights of the tree. Reminds of me my sweet childhood!

Speaking of childhood, I’ve been making encouraging my kiddos to clean up their mess in the living room and dining room before bed. It’s been a real struggle  learning process. But I have to say, the house looks much better and we all FEEL better for it, too. 🙂  

I’ve also found a new way to get the rest of my house clean without lifting a finger.

yes, I own a pair sort of like this. Only mine are animal print. They make washing dishes fun! 🙂

When my 12 year old is sassy, disrespectful or otherwise rebellious in nature, she is assigned dirty dish duty, folding clothes duty or whatever other duty needs doing. She’s not too happy about it at the moment.

It’s a win-win situation. She learns that having a bad attitude is NOT acceptable in our home and I get to see my reflection in the clean spoons.

The only drawback?

Once she realizes her attitude is the key to it all and she adjusts the attitude that gets her in trouble, I’ll have dishpan hands once again. 🙂  (I use gloves, though, so I guess that’s not really a drawback after all) 🙂


For next week’s Maverick Monday post: I’ve emailed a friend of mine and asked if she will allow me to interview her. She is a fabulous writer and agented by an agent who has an office about 30 minutes from my house. 🙂 Her first book sold this year and will debut in 2011.  You’ll love this lady, her sense of humor AND her books!   CORRECTION! I’ve decided to REALLY be a maverick and post two posts today. Check out my interview with Brenda here. FAbulous lady, y’all. Spread the word!


Note for today: Keep a journal by your bed just in case an idea pops in your brain at 2am.

I went to bed last night with a ton of ideas for writing books and blogging. But today? Poof! If only I hadn’t been toooo lazy to get up and write it down. I mean, really, the notebook was THREE FEET away! I thought I could remember them today. I was wrong.

Where do you keep your ideas? Handwritten journal or computer? Do you have a journal by your bed?


3 thoughts on “MM: tweens who clean and possible interview

  1. Donna,

    How to handle disrespect? Assigning chores makes more sense than just sitting in a corner like Dennis has to do. These days sending a child to their room is not a punishment; it is a treat. There’s so much fun stuff in most kids’ bedrooms. I’m glad it is effective for you.

    I don’t have my decorations up, except for an outdoor display we just bought. I did go to a cantata yesterday. That was a great holiday experience.

    About the notebook by the bed…I have one, but rarely wake up with an idea anymore. I guess the Lord knows I need my sleep. If I get a writing idea and I’m away from the computer, I write it down and eventually get it to the computer. I am considering creating a folder with clasps for notebook paper, with tabs to separate my writing projects. I can find the right section when I get an idea, instead of writing on whatever is handy. I’ll cross out entries when I transfer to the computer. I figure it will become a part of my travels here and there, like my purse. Anybody else do something similar?

    Linda A.


  2. the notebook idea sounds great. I’m just not that organized yet. BUT…it’s an idea I’ll keep tucked away for the day when I am! 🙂

    I don’t actually decorate the outside of my house, but this year I might. I think I could decorate the columns on my porch. It would be nice to pull up and see the festive colors.

    Thanks for being such a sweet and loyal blogging buddy, Linda. I appreciate and look forward to your comments!


    1. Donna,

      Thanks for the lovely comments about me joining your blog. I am enjoying it so much. You do a fabulous job mixing it up. It’s a joy to open it each morning.

      About the outside decorations…our house can’t be seen from the highway and we have no neighbors; so we decided to place a buck, a doe, and a spiral tree where we can see it framed through our dining room window. It’s a lovely addition and so fitting for the woodland they inhabit.

      I hope you do decide to welcome others with outdoor festive decorations. Let your love of the season radiate for others to see.

      Linda A.


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