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Thou Art Homeschooled Thursdays: The Journey

When folks find out that I homeschool my little darlings, I usually get THE question (and yes, it is THE question), “What about socialization?”


My children have been involved in or are still involved in: organized sports (soccer), drama, homeschool choir, youth, children’s church activities, co-ops, summer camp, homeschool groups, group art classes with professional art teacher, group sign language class and of course, playdates and field trips with other homeschoolers, church friends and family. My children are taking piano lessons and my oldest is in a Youth Praise band at church.

And all these activities are on top of the fact that all three girls are with each other under the same roof (and sharing the same bedroom), learning to get along and build loving relationships on a daily basis.

I am at a loss as to how they can be more “socialized” than they already are.

They are learning at their own pace and finding weaknesses and strengths along the way.

They are pursuing avenues they might not would be able to do otherwise.

They are finding WHO they are…and who they are not. (and loving one another in the process)

Homeschooling…what a trip. (we take tons of those, too).

The world is our classroom – and the world is our critic.

It’s all part of the journey.

And regardless of what anyone says or thinks – it’s one journey I wouldn’t trade for the world. 


7 thoughts on “Thou Art Homeschooled Thursdays: The Journey

  1. Donna,

    Sounds like you’ve got socialization covered to the max. Parents who don’t have their children involved with others outside the family give homeschooling a bad rap.

    It sounds like homeschooling is such a great fit for your family. I really admire you for taking the time to do it. You’re one “special mama.”

    Linda A.


  2. Amen! What’s funny is that my younger one is just now, at age 8, becoming social.

    I think you’re too nice, though. For the people who ask you such questions, I’d probably say something snarky.


  3. Linda – Thank you for the sweet words, Linda! 🙂 I have a small family, so we definitely love getting together with other folks. However, I have friends who have upwards of 9 children. They actually don’t have to leave the house at all if they desire to work on communication and interpersonal skills. They have an entire baseball team at their fingertips! 🙂 That being said, they DO leave the house and are involved in tons of outside activities. Very well behaved and smart kiddos, too!

    Vijaya – LOL! I can’t say I’ve always been supernice, though I used to find myself explaining and defending my decision to homeschool quite a bit. Thankfully, I have the support of my Mama ANd the support of my mother-in-love (and other family members). It’s an easier road to hoe when you’re not doing it by yourself! 🙂



  4. I think people probably ask that question for two reasons (or at least 2 that make sense to me). 1. They don’t homeschool or know anyone that does, so they just don’t know. 2. They hear/read/see stories about homeschooled kids that are isolated and outside of the mainstream, so they think/worry that all homeschooled kids are like that.

    It sounds like you’re doing a great job and what you need to do for your family. Hopefully the questions aren’t too much and by posting this can help people understand more about homeschooling and socialization.


    1. Hi Stephanie – thank you for your encouraging reply. I think folks do misunderstand most homeschoolers because of past experience or NO experience at all. It’s not my place to correct them all…but I must do the best job I can do with my children as I can. And I pray for God’s grace to cover it all! 🙂



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