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Maverick Monday: Interview for inspiration

Last week I interviewed a fabulous writer, Ms. Brenda Sturgis. If you missed the interview, you can find it here.

And today, I’m going to interview a character from a book and I’d like your help.  I’ll introduce him with and a snippet of background information. I’ll ask a few questions and post his answers.

Then, it’s your turn. I’ll post a question in blue that will be your cue to pick up the interview. YOu’ll answer the blue question and then ask/answer some of your own (all in the comment section). 

I think this will be a good exercise to get our imagination stations rolling AND maybe spark a book idea or two for some of us, too. Be creative. Perhaps we’ll find out more about the character’s motivations and aspirations than we thought we knew!

Get those creative juices flowing! Here we go!


Today is Maverick Monday and I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Jack. He’s just returned from another visit up the Beanstalk and stopped in for a chat.

Hi Jack! Welcome to the blogosphere. I hear you’ve been busy lately. Tell us a bit about your latest venture!

I’m proud to say I’ve recently graduated from PITS U.


Pie In The Sky University.

Of course. What was your major?

Horticulture with a minor in cryptozoology.

Congratulations! Do you have any jobs lined up?

Not yet. I’m still living at home, though my mom isn’t too thrilled about it. She says a college degree ain’t worth a hill of beans.

There’s a rumor you’ve been eyeing rings for a special young lady. Care to share?


14 thoughts on “Maverick Monday: Interview for inspiration

  1. Jack: I’m not making any rash decisions. I’ve learned my lesson about that–you know when I exchanged our cow for beans. My mother says this is a life-decision that should pass the WWMD Test.

    Question: What is the WWMD Test?

    Jack: The What Would Mama Do Test. Anyway, I’ve been seeing Jill, the one with a brother named Jack. I’m not sure she’s the one though. I need someone who can climb up and down a beanstalk without tripping up. Not someone who can’t hold on to a pail of water coming downhill. My insurance agent won’t insure my line of work–too risky. Sometimes it’s hard to think logicallythough when I look into her crystal blue eyes and see her bouncy curls… I’ll make you a promise. You’ll be the first to know if I do propose.

    Question: Wouldn’t you want to tell your Mama first?

    Jack: Not really. She’s still hoping I’ll make up with Miss Muffit. Like that’s going to happen. She’s afraid of a tiny spider. How would she ever make it in a world of giants?

    Question: Any last words for our listeners?

    Jack: Don’t take any wooden nickles or beans for that matter.


  2. Actually, I’ve picked out a big Giant ring, it’s proving to be difficult to carry up the beanstalk. I’ve tried to hire Mother Goose airlines, but they’re booked carrying the storks babies, while he enjoys a long awaited vacation to Never Never Land. I’m not sure my mother will agree with my choice of a wife, because it will be her responsiblity to throw the rehearsal dinner, and that would cause her tons of work in the kitchen. She much prefers to eat out, at Jack’s Diner down the way. You know, the one where you get to eat pies in the corner. Also as the mother of the groom, the flowers are her responsiblity, and so she’d have to get a price from Mary Quite Contrary. The drought last year has put the flower business behind schedule, and lugging all those flowers up the beanstalk could be backbreaking. So…it’s a wait and see if I let my mother in on the wedding plans to the Giant’s daughter at all. Maybe we’ll just elope, and find a friendly castle that has good rates for Newlyweds.


  3. Brenda,

    Sounds like a Romeo and Juliet theme going here. Too funny! I loved that Mary Quite Contrary has the floral business. I bet she gets high dollars for flowers that made it through a drought. Talk about sun tolerant.

    This was great fun wasn’t it?

    Linda A.


  4. Jack: Well, I know it’s been rumored that I have a thing for Jill Updehill, and the tabloids have run wild with photos from last summer with me and Spider Muffit, but truth be told, I’m looking for a real princess. You know, one who isn’t just another sleeping beauty, but a real pea of a gal. I’m not necessarily looking for someone who is pure and snow white either, because although she would be the apple of my eye, and the belle of the ball, I can be a real beast sometimes.


  5. And don’t get me started on that minx, Bo Peep! She brings out the real wolf in me, her and her equestrian friend, Red. If Peep could hold on to things a little better (e.g. her sheep), I might be inclined to ignore my dear mama’s wishes, and share my nest egg with her.


  6. I’m afraid I can’t promise anything, Jack. I was commissioned by the internationally known paper, the Fairy Tale Times, to interview you. As it is, their head editor, Rip V. Winkle, asked for this interview a century or more ago. I just don’t think I can put them off any longer.

    Perhaps you could send your mom on vacation? Send her somewhere far, far away and maybe she won’t have access to our magazine. I hearHansel and Gretel are offering half-off a week long stay at their Wilderness Bed and breakfast cottage.


  7. Q: I’ve also been told by an inside source that you are planning to pen a picture book, Jack. What will it be called?

    Jack: Thank you for asking! I’ve titled it, “Jack and the Big B: Redux”

    Q: Redux?

    Jack: You know, “restored, brought back”. I’m going to retell my tale…but this time, the truth will out!

    Q: what exactly IS the truth, Jack? I know you are writing a book, but can you give us a little preview?

    Jack: It wasn’t all Rose Red in my home growing up. Mom had a bad wish habit. Whatever she wanted, she asked for. Every night, she dialed up the WW Network and placed her wish.


  8. Q: WW Network?

    Jack: Wishing Well Network. Run by the fairy godmothers association. She charged way too much to our credit card.

    Q: What happened?

    Jack: Mom got behind in her payments and the fairies demanded she pay the piper. She sold our house to a little old lady who was trying to move out of her shoe. She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.

    Q: And?

    Jack: Mom payed off the Wishing Well Network account. But we barely had a poisoned apple to our name. I started working at the Seven Guys burger joint. (small portions, but delicious!). That’s when it all came tumbling down…

    Q: what happened, Jack? (y’all pretend this section is blue…pick up from here!)


    1. Jack: Well, I’ll tell you…I started falling behind at the burger joint, and orders were piling up. I’ve got this friend, he works for the big magic man, sorcerer, whatever, down the road. You know, he’s sort of an apprentice or assistant to the big guy. Anyway, he said he’d borrowed the sorcerer’s spell book and he’d been practicing, so he thought he could catch me up on my orders. Well, I thought, “fee, fie, fo, fum, I may be poor, but I sure ain’t a dumb-dumb,” so I took him up on his offer. Boy, was that a mistake.

      Q: What happened then, Jack?


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