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Tunes Tuesday – short version

Hi guys! After my hubby’s guest post last week, I’ve been itching to share the lyrics to a song I wrote last year. But I can’t today. I’m up to my eyeballs in this wonderfully wild journey we call life!

And since I don’t have time to do a full Tunes Tuesday post and introduce you to a new artist this week, I’ve asked my sweet hubby to fill in (yet again) if he can find the time. If you are reading this post, though, that means his schedule didn’t allow it. He is even busier than me most days!

That being the case, I am directing you to some fabulous blogs posts that touch on music in some way…or simply pulled my heartstrings and made my spirit sing. Enjoy! 

1. Cheryl Barker’s R & R  (love in action!)

2. Kelly Polark’s blog (she loves music and almost always has a music video included in her post)

3. Kristi Butler  (music and the heart)

4. Matt Corker (a great list of Christmas music to add to your collection!)

And today I pray that the Creator of the Universe, Lord of all creation, will sing over you, transforming your mourning into dancing!


8 thoughts on “Tunes Tuesday – short version

  1. Donna,

    Your blog makes my spirit sing. Thanks for sharing the links to ones that pull at your heartstrings.

    I hope you enjoy today’s wonderfully wild journey.

    Linda A.

    Linda A.


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