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Free2Rhyme (or not) Friday: My offering…

I wrote this yesterday. Thanks Jean for your help with the tweaking! 🙂

Christmas Ponderings

by Donna Earnhardt


If Christmas comes but once a year

then what of all the other days?

Should peace on earth,

good will to men,

be just another passing phase?

Should all the love we share with those

who have no place to lay their head

be saved for just

a season’s breath

or will we share our daily bread?

Will we, like wisemen from the past,

pursue the everlasting Light?

 or will we chase

our selfish wants

and lose our Way, our Hope, our sight?

25 thoughts on “Free2Rhyme (or not) Friday: My offering…

  1. Christmastime (A Poem on the “fly”)

    Christmastime is here,

    That special time of year,

    When children sing,

    And sleighbells ring,

    And Santa Claus is near.

    And hopefully this year,

    For those whose need is dear,

    They’ll kneel and pray,

    For on Christmas day,

    Our savior did appear.


  2. Donna,

    Idols get in the way of ideals. Don’t they?

    God’s Label

    Wear a tag inside your shirt
    that says, “God’s Child.”
    When it scratches,
    don’t cut it out.
    It’s a reminder
    to demonstrate
    what you’re made of.

    Linda A.


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