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Maverick Monday: Crying in the bookstore

On Friday, my mom, sister and I were Christmas shopping in the cold, almost-freezing rain. We sprinted into a Family Christian bookstore. (they had some great stuff last time we were there.)

I picked up a picture book and showed it to my sister.

We read it.

We smiled.

We giggled.


we wept.

Right there in the middle of the bookstore.  

Blubbering and splotchety, but we didn’t care. (We were already wet from the rain, anyway.)

There we stood, making idiots of ourselves.

All because of one little book.

But guess what? It was worth it.

It was SOOO worth it that we ran over to show our mom. We read it again.

Then cried again.

And no, we still didn’t care that we probably seemed very strange to the store clerks. (For the record, they were extremely polite and didn’t say a word about our breakdown.)

The book that caused all the hub-bub? Humphrey’s First Christmas by Carol heyer. 

After you read this sweet Christmas story, I bet you’ll be all splotchety, too.


7 thoughts on “Maverick Monday: Crying in the bookstore

  1. Donna,

    If I had been there, I would probably have fit right in. I cry when I hear anything touching, sentimental, sad, etc. That mean tears often stream down my face when no one around me seems affected. After you left the store, the clerks probably chalked that up as one more thing they had never seen before. Wonder what else is on their list?

    Linda A.


  2. Hi Donna,

    I just got a Humphrey Google alert and read your blog review about HUMPHREY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS!! Thank you so much for your wonderful words. It makes me really happy to hear that Humphrey touched you and that you and your family loved my “grumpy” Christmas camel and enjoyed his journey!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.



  3. Donna, I want to read it too! And cry! 🙂

    Very sweet account. Thank you for recommending the story. A book that has the power to make you cry in front of stranger gotta be something. 😉

    Happy holidays,



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