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SSS: stuff I want to share

1. If you missed the contest announcement yesterday, you can find it here. I’m still working on the first place prize!

2. If you haven’t signed up for Write2Ignite yet or would just like more info…you can find the info here. 🙂

3.  I’ve developed a bit of a groove and rock out the Wii Dance game.

4. If you’ve never read Jonathan Friezen’s blog, you should. Right now.

5. My oldest daughter is reading Vonda Skelton’s Bitsy Books. She finished the first one in less than 24 hours. She couldn’t put it down!

6. Have you seen this new blog?  Nathalie Mvondo is doing a great job. Description from her blog: “This blog celebrates multiculturalism in children’s literature and the people who make it happen.”  And MY description? It’s simply FABULOUS! 🙂

Do you have any news or blogs you want to share?


9 thoughts on “SSS: stuff I want to share

  1. Donna,

    I checked out your blog suggestions. I especially enjoyed Jonathan Friezen’s post. Funny! Vonda Skelton offers a free read of the first chapter. That’s super. I think more of that will become the norm.

    I recently subscribed to daily devotions. I like that they come directly to my email account. That way I make time to read a devotion a day, which is a new habit I want to continue. See http://www.christiandevotions.us/

    Linda A.


  2. Your blog is fun and chock full of juicy info Donna. Thanks. I am a rhymer at heart, so looking forward to your contest. I am new to the blogging world, but check me out everyone!


    1. Cheryl – I’m going to hop over to your blog tonight and dig in. I had a quick peek this morning and it looks great. I’m glad you’re going to enter the contest. Be sure and enter on the poetry contest page I added this morning. The comment section is ready and waiting! 🙂


  3. I just found this post, Donna! Thank you for sharing about my Bitsy books. I’m thrilled to hear that your daughter enjoyed them. I sure enjoyed writing them! Can’t wait to see you at Write 2 Ignite!!


  4. She’s standing behind me as I type this. She asks, “Are you writing another one? I finished all three books in 5 days.”

    I’m guessing you better get busy, Mrs. Skelton. Your fans await!! 🙂

    (looking forward to seeing you at the conference, too!)



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