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Okay folks, I’ve been wondering how I can help the folks in Haiti. I got my answer yesterday. I hope you will help, too.

UMCOR is sending health kits to Haiti in an effort to provide, even in a small way, every day help to the victims. And while UMCOR is an outreach of the United Methodist Church, you do NOT have to be a Methodist to contribute to this effort. There are drop-off stations all over and I’ll try to get a list of those later today and post them. If you are in the Concord/Charlotte area, you can drop them off at my church, Mount Olivet UMC, 301 Mount Olivet Road, Concord, NC.   This is only one way to get involved, but it is a tangible way we can help. Please tell your friends, students, homeschool pals, writing groups, friends, neighbors….EVERYONE.

Here is the information on health kits. You have to put EXACTLY what is on the list – no more, no less.

Health Kit


Place these items inside a sealed one-gallon plastic bag.

1 hand towel (15” x 25” up to 17” x 27”, no kitchen towels)

1 washcloth

1 comb (large and sturdy, not pocket-sized)

1 nail file or fingernail clippers (no emery boards or toenail clippers)

1 bath-size bar of soap (3 oz. and up)

1 toothbrush (single brushes only in original wrapper, no child-size brushes)

6 adhesive plastic strip sterile bandages

(NOTE: UMCOR is purchasing toothpaste in bulk. Do Not include)

Please include $1 for each kit you send.

 Important Kit Assembly Information

All items included in kits must be NEW items.  Since strict rules often govern product entry into international countries, it is important that kits contain only the requested items—nothing more. Do NOT include any personal notes, money or additional materials in the kits. These things must be painstakingly removed and will delay the shipment.

13 thoughts on “Maverick Monday: TANGIBLE WAY TO HELP HAITI

  1. Donna,

    Thanks for sharing. We have a mission team scheduled to go to Haiti soon, but the trip may be postponed. This was already in the works. It’s a country we help on a regular basis. I will see what we are doing in addition to our regular assistance. I was not in church yesterday. We went to the mountains for the weekend.

    How caring of you to post this. This country needs so much help!



  2. Thanks for sharing this, Donna. Let me also recommend Catholic Relief Services, which operate all over the world where 90 cents out of each dollar goes towards the people who need it.


  3. apparently other methodist churches in charlotte are also collecting these items. You inspired me. Went out and bought supplies for several bags. my 85-year-old mother and I will assemble them this afternoon. thanks for passing it along.


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