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It’s “What’s up with Write2Ignite Wednesdays”! However… by the time you read this, it will probably be Thursday. I’ve had a long day – and I’m a bit behind in my posts. I’m sorry!

Without further ado – here’s the udpate:

1. Only 4 weeks until Write2Ignite!

2. The deadline for registration is February 14 by 11:59pm (EST) . YES…Valentine’s Day!

3. Did I mention the conference is only 4 weeks away? *Squeee!*

Don’t forget to make those reservations, too! Check out www.write2ignite.wordpress.com for more info.


6 thoughts on “WUWW2I?

  1. Donna,

    How about if we post what type Christian writings we do? I’ll start…

    I write activities for the back of our children’s bulletin at my church each week. That led me to submit activities to magazines. Now, I write poems, piggyback songs, rebuses, and activities for Celebrate magazine. I’ve done a few activities for Adventures magazine too. I am working on a collection of devotions for tweens/teens and I plan to get a critique on them at Write2Ignite. Yes, I’m headed in a new direction and I’m excited about it.

    Who’s next?

    Linda A.


  2. I like this idea! I think, however, not as much folks are visiting the blog now that the contest is over. It’s funny, but I had over 170 visitors one day during the contest! 🙂

    You do so much good stuff with your writing, Linda. I’m very proud of you! 🙂 Keep it up, my friend.


  3. Donna,

    A slow day on the blog is okay every once in a while. It gives you a chance to catch your breath. You were extra busy during the contest!

    Thanks for the positive comments on my writing. You’re so supportive! So, what Christian writings do you do? Songwriting and poems, I’m sure. Is there more I don’t know about?

    Linda A.


    1. I write picture books and have an early chapter book written. I am also working on a mystery (Adult Christian fiction). I write greeting cards and also quirky ideas/sayings for novelty things like cups/mugs/aprons and door mats. (I’ve only sold one of those quirky ideas so far to High Cotton, but it was fun!)


      1. Donna,

        I love the variety of projects you take on. Way to go. High Cotton is one company I’ll have to locate. I can’t resist it, not with that name.

        Linda A.


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