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Free2Rhyme (or not) Friday – Finding Ideas

Okay, so the last two weeks I’ve focused on the Poetry Prompt contest. The winners and all the reviews can be found here. Hop over there and take a peek!

We worked with specific prompts for the contest and I hope it was fun for everyone. But today is a new poetry Friday with a new focus. And to be honest, I’ve been struggling with what to address today. I tried writing a poem. I tried finding a really nifty type of poetry form to introduce to you. I tried coming up with anything…but came up with NOTHING. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Then it hit me! Why not focus on that very topic… elusive inspiration


What do YOU do when ideas elude you? How do you move forward?


19 thoughts on “Free2Rhyme (or not) Friday – Finding Ideas

  1. Donna, you know what? That poetry contest has made me think a little differently, and perhaps I will write you later about that, privately. As for today’s topic, I automatically thought you wanted poetry as a reply so that is what I came up with for you. It makes me chuckle but this is what works for me, not necessarily to the detail (refer to verse 7 and on), but Nature tends to inspire and refresh me. Hope you enjoy my tale of elusive inspiration.

    Inspiration Is Where You Find It

    My deadline’s coming up too fast
    I cannot think, my muse flew past
    and I am left bereft and dry –
    so much I cannot even cry!

    What shall I do, where can I look?
    I’ll scrub a floor, or should I cook?
    How can I find what isn’t there? …
    I know! I’ll sort my underwear!

    But that will lead to “need to shop”
    Dainties I’ll buy until I drop.
    What then? will I inspired now be? …
    Or maybe I should just have tea.

    But look, it’s such a lovely day
    to go a-walking while I pray
    that out there I will find my clue
    for what to write, then start anew.

    How sweet the breeze that calms my mind,
    as Nature’s beauty brings a kind
    of peace to me that takes away
    the stress of having naught to say.

    I listen now and breathe it in
    I listen more … such peace within.
    Fresh new ideas start to stir
    Great words and thoughts all in a blur.

    So fast they come, so fast I write
    I really must be quite a sight
    As I now quickly write words down
    Out on the street in my nightgown.

    What can I say? The need arose
    to find my muse where’er she goes
    Today she took a Nature walk
    And I’m again a laughingstock.

    Pacing, mumbling, brow in furrows
    Thoughts now scrambling from deep burrows.
    Neighbours knowing, gathering ’round
    “I am writing, don’t make a sound!

    Don’t interrupt, I’m on a roll!
    This will be good, it’s from my soul!
    Then who stands here you soon will see
    is more than I appear to be.

    Inspiration is elusive,
    doesn’t mean I am reclusive.”
    (At least I am not standing here
    In my, still-tagged, new underwear!)

    Good thing that I just stayed at home …
    Now, .. what was that word ..??
    mumble … mumble …
    scribble … scribble …


    1. HEEEHEE! Lynn – your “elusive” poem made me smile and giggle. Thank you for sharing that! 🙂
      I’d love to hear how you are thinking differently about things since the poetry contest. Feel free toe mail me anytime! 🙂


  2. wow! I’d say Lynn’s elusive inspiration found her!

    When I need inspiration I read, usually poetry or the Psalms. I read poems that have been favorites for a long time. Or I read new poems I’ve never seen before.

    However, usually, the best way for me to find the spark of inspiration is to pull out my file folder of “OLD” poems that I started and tossed aside years ago. Almost always they lead me to my inspiration for a new poem that better expresses what I struggled with in those OLD ones.



    1. That’s a great idea, Jean! I go back and read old ones, too, but usually end up revising them instead of heading to a different idea. However, I can see that I need to try that method. Maybe I’ll have a slew of new ideas! 🙂


  3. If I don’t have the inspiration, I move on for a while. There is always something else to do, a chore, a call to make, etc. So I figure I’d rather write when my heart’s into it!


  4. Donna,

    Humor is the answer in some of those moments. Lynn did a great job of expressing that. I also got a chuckle from your response to Lynn. What is “toe mail?” I assume it was a spelling error, but it caught me off guard. What with tweets and blogs and other odd words, I wasn’t positive. I went back and re-read. Please tell me that I’m correct. It was an error, right?

    Personally, I move on to a different part of the assignment when I get stuck, if that’s possible or work on a different project, if I’m not too pressed for time. A support system like this blog is helpful when we’re feeling discouraged or overwhelmed or need to vent, etc. See what a great service you provide…and it’s FREE.

    Thanks Donna!

    Linda A.


  5. Linda, her comment made me wonder too, at first. I believe it is just the spacing … supposed to be ” to email”. 🙂 Thanks for the chuckle Donna & Linda – and kind remarks (everyone).


    1. You mean you haven’t heard of TOE mail? It’s the newest way to multitask. You can walk AND type at the same time. 🙂

      (no really…just a typo. I mean to say “to email”. I apparently need to wear those new glasses I just got for computer use!)


  6. Donna and Lynn,

    Perhaps toe mail is delivered by ballerinas. Are you getting the visual? How about that for a Picture Book character?

    Donna, I like your computer program idea. It sounds like a Wii. I’m with Lynn–I’d like to order one. Thanks for joining in on the fun ladies.

    Linda A.


  7. If absolutely nothing comes to me (and this is rare for me because I have too many ideas), there is always something else to do — wash dishes, fold clothes, tidy up my desk, walk the dog, etc. and I find that when my hands are preoccupied with something mundane, the ideas come fast … I also take a nap sometimes. Curl up with the kitties (since my babies are all grown) and snooze. Ah, bliss.


    1. I thought your kiddos were still small, Vijaya. They grow up too soon, don’t they? *sigh*

      Yes, doing “mundane” tasks allows the creativity to flow. The bad thing about that for me is when the ideas come, I throw down my dishtowel to go write it down! 🙂


  8. I think our senses are great tools for inspiration. For instance, LOOK at an old photo that is a favorite of yours and remember things from that day. Or put some music w/out lyrics on, close your eyes and WRITE!!!


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