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F2R (or not): Today

Today it’s hard write

the words don’t want to rhyme

I try…and try…and try…and try…

and feel frustration climb

My rhythm is predictable

the accents make me sigh

I want to make it sizzle

Instead it makes ME cry

Inspiration, where art thou?

I need some help today.

I think I’ll eat some chocolate,

then bow my head and…



14 thoughts on “F2R (or not): Today

  1. Hi, Donna!
    Don’t worry too much, Donna! Many of us poets have to go through that experience. The trick, I think, is to keep writing, anything that comes to mind and just let it flow! Only this morning I won a prize for a haiku…About what? The theme was “Blank” and many of us opted to write about the thorny problem of inspiration. I want to share my winning piece with you:

    I plead with my muse
    to give me inspiration
    yet the page stays blank

    So, do have a good evening and a pleasant weekend!


  2. Donna,

    Why not go back and read one of those you’ve published and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. Maybe today is not a “poem” day, it’s a chapter book day, or a mystery novel day, etc. Just know it’s one more precious day you’ve been given. Enjoy it.

    Linda A.


    1. Hi Linda! thanks for the thoughts. I’m not sure today is a writing day at all for me. I have so much housework to do. It’s bugging me to look at it. I think that might be part of the problem.

      If I do any writing at all, it will probably be musical stuffs. I’m in that type of mode, ya know?

      Enjoy your day, too…and be blessed!


  3. It’s a rainy, dreary, chilly kind of day here. Just the kind of day for doing all that housework. I think you’re right. When you don’t see and feel the “clutter” I’ll bet your inspiration will soar.

    Love you,

    Who is rushing to the clothes dryer before my permanent pressed clothes become permanently wrinkled.


    1. 🙂 You are right, Jean… the perfect day to clean. I love days like these! I’m focusing on my clothes today. Planning to get them all washed, dryed, folded and put away. Not too many dishes… whew! That won’t take long. But – the clothes. OHHHHH…the clothes! Mount Washmore – here I come! 🙂


  4. Donna,

    I just submitted a $5000 Sprint grant proposal I wrote for my school. Now that felt good. I wrote on it over several days but now it’s sent in. I also wrote a premise for my novel-in-progress. That was an assignment for my class. John Bemis will get back with me on suggestions for improvment. How’s that for a great instructor? He has also agreed to read a set number of pages of our “novels” and critique them. What a deal! Now to get busy on my devotion project I want critiqued at Write2 Ignite. So many great opportunities. God is good!

    Linda A.


  5. I’ve found that when the well is running dry for me it is because God wants to remind me every now and then that He’s the Divine Creator. Then when the ideas and thoughts start to flow (and they will–for you and me both) I know who really came up with them!

    BTW, part of your ministry is encouragement. You found me in obscurity and have made my day many, many times! Hang in there!


  6. Wow, Donna! Even in despair you’re poetic! I would be so envious if I didn’t feel guilty about it… 😀

    PS: what you wrote reminded me of my mug. This inscription on it says, “God sends no stress… that chocolate and prayer can’t handle!” 😉


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