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Situational Saturday: A song

In last week’s Tune Tuesday post, I mentioned that I was working on a new song. So… I’m putting myself out there and including the lyrics below. If you want to hear the music that goes with it, click here– So Amazing –  just click “play lo-fi” or “play hi-fi”. Either should work. Remember, it is a rough recording of just me and the piano (I’m just playing basic chords). 

So Amazing

(words/music by Donna Earnhardt copyright 2010)

I can’t explain it
this feeling I’m feeling
My heart has moved up to my throat
Somehow I know
that You’re already healing
I’ve got so much learn
but this much I know…
You’re amazing
so amazing
and my heart is overwhelmed
You’re amazing
so amazing
and the earth can’t help but tell…
You’re so amazing
I catch my breath
at the glimpse of Your glory
revealing love that I can’t understand
Your beauty’s colored
in your grace and mercy
and darkness surrenders to Your hand
Mountains will crumble
and the seas  will rise
but You’re forever the same
the nations will bow
and throw down their crowns
at the feet…of the Name above of all names

cause You’re amazing
so amazing!
and my heart is overwhelmed
You’re amazing
so amazing
and the earth can’t help but tell…

and the earth can’t help but tell…

and my heart can’t help but tell…You’re so amazing


15 thoughts on “Situational Saturday: A song

  1. Donna,

    This song is amazing and YOU are amazing. The story behind the song is amazing! WOW! You are so talented and you followed that nudge to put this on paper and to music. I am so proud of you! You have so many gifts to share and you let God lead you to do it. What an honor to witness your Christian witness.

    Linda A.


  2. Linda,

    I appreciate your sweet words and encouragement. God is truly awesome, isn’t He? His love is truly overwhelming and we can’t begin to understand it. And yet…He understands and knows all about us all…and loves us anyway! He’s just so WOW!


    1. Thank you, Vijaya. And I appreciate your encouragement last week, too. It’s not easy putting this stuff “out there”…but I’m trying to hear and be obedient to His leading. Last week you gave me the encouragement I needed. Thank you!


  3. Donna, I’m in awe of your musical talent. I love music so much, but I’m not musically inclined at all!
    Here’s the info on Poetry Friday. Each Friday a blog hosts Poetry Friday. Sometimes I google Poetry Friday on Thursday night or Friday morning to see who is hosting. But even easier, here is a schedule: http://readingyear.blogspot.com/2010/02/poetry-friday-what-are-you-trying-to.html
    After you post an original or someone else’s poem (sometimes you have to link the whole poem for copyright reasons), you link to who is hosting that day. You also go to the host’s blog and comment what your poem is for the day and your link so they can list the day’s poetry.
    I love it! I love the original poetry, reading favorites, and reading so many new ones!


  4. Donna, I have played your song over and over so that now the tune is stuck in my head. 🙂 I thought of taking it to our worship team on Sunday to see if they wanted to work on it for another week, but I was not sure that is the proper thing to do. Would you object to that if your name is on it?
    I hope you are working on a CD of your music, since this must be one of many songs you have been given. hint hint
    (Did you receive my email?)


    1. Hi Lynn!

      I am perfectly fine with you sharing the song with your group! I am blessed that you would feel led to do so. Let me know if the Lord leads them to work on it/sing it. If they do, I’d love to hear a recording of them doing so!

      I have another rough recording of a friend and me singing together with this song. She adds some harmony and adds lots of great piano. When I can get a better recording, I’ll share it with you. I always put her name on the copyright when she helps me because she adds so much to the sound. Know what I mean, jellybean? 🙂

      Really – you made my day!

      (and yes, I got your email. I replied just a bit ago. I hope you received that one! 🙂 )


  5. Donna, I’m blown away by your sweet voice and words of praise to our Lord! What a beautiful song!

    Loved the stanza that begins with “I catch my breath” and also loved the way you ended the song, changing from “the earth can’t help but tell” to “my heart can’t help but tell”.

    Thanks for sharing this — sending hugs your way!


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