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Free2Rhyme (or not) Friday: Valentine’s day

This IS poetry Friday – and there IS a poem in this rather long post. But you must be patient as you’ll see I’ve poured out my heart and soul in the first half of the post in the form of prose. Remember: Love is patient. 🙂  (I’m still working on that particular aspect of love myself.)


Every year, my hubby tries to be romantic…mostly. And many years, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. You see, I am one of those gals who prefer to have her man write a card, rather than buy one. I’d prefer he sing me a song, rather than buy me a CD. I’d prefer he cook me dinner, rather than buy me an expensive one. See where I’m going?

But the kicker is this: My husband doesn’t like Valentine’s day. He doesn’t like to be “told” when he should give gifts, cards, etc. Not so sure I agree with or even understand the reasoning behind it, but nonetheless, it’s the way he feels.  Oh yeah – he can’t stand to pay the prices that are charged on Valentine’s gifts, either. Especially when there are huge sales very soon afterwards.

That being said  he’d still rather buy a card and sign his name than write me a personalized note. He’d still rather buy me an expensive meal than make me one. He’d still rather buy me a box of chocolates than make me a milkshake. He’s a “tell me what you want” kind of guy. I tell him – he’ll buy it. Good deed for the day completed. Mission accomplished. Finite.

Now, even though I think that sort of takes some of the “romance” out of the whole thing, I’m not complaining. Quite the opposite.

I appreciate that he goes out of his way to get me anything. Gift giving on Valentine’s day is NOT a requirement for marriage. It’s not even in the vows. (if it is, somebody enlighten me.) I appreciate his “go-getter” style. I appreciate his “hunter-gatherer” instinct. I appreciate his, “Let’s get it done…and get it done quickly” attitude. There is a lot to be said for that sort of personality. I love that he “completes” me in that area! 🙂

You see, I know we are not all the same.

My “perfect” gift is going to be his “this is too much work” gift.

My “picnic-on-the-beach-fun” is his “bugs- sand-and-burning sun-Why-didn’t-we-go-to-Chili’s? ” nightmare. 

My “I’d love something romantic” request is his, “Oy! No matter what I pick she’s not going to like it” worry.

And this year, he’s already told me what he wants to give me. And believe me, it’s a wonderful gift. A gift I really like. One he picked out with purpose and reason behind it. A gift he asked if I would like. I said YES! (double YES!). Matter of fact, I would have picked it out for myself. And I will accept it with much thankfulness for his thoughtfulness and sweetness. And every time I use it, I will think of him…and think of him with love. But the gift will be accepted with the caveat that he understands that MY gift to him this year is this: NO expectations.

Yep – No expectations. I am giving him the day off. Should he decide the gift he’s picked out is just too expensive, he can send it back with no qualms. I am not keeping score on the most heart-drenched day of the year. I will not measure his love by some invisible “love-o-meter” on that day. (nor will I ever). No homemade meal, picnic by the sea or handwritten note required. No song, poem or milkshake expected.

This year, his gift is a free Valentine’s day pass. No strings attached. No demands. Nothing but net. (not sure that fits into my analogy, but I liked the sound of it!) He always tells me he doesn’t want nor expect a gift from me on Valentine’s day. “It’s a GIRLIE holiday” is what he’s told me at least once. (I’m sure he’d deny it, though, if asked. 🙂 )

So in honor of said “pass”, I have written a poem. (see? I TOLD you there was a poem in this post if you would be patient!) 

And if you aren’t used to my humor yet, please be advised that all my humor is best served, “tongue in cheek”. (but that doesn’t negate the sincerety of my gift: No expectations!)

My gift to my husband: Valentine’s Day Reprieve

Don’t give me flowers

candy or pie

I don’t want a single thing.

Don’t buy me card.

Don’t write me a song.

Don’t whistle. Don’t hum. Don’t sing.

Don’t tell me how gorgeous

my hair looks today.

Don’t shower my heart with praise.

Don’t give me a necklace, earrings or purse,

or the latest technology craze.

Don’t give me a box of the wonderful stuff –

(ignore the drool on my lips)…

Don’t make a dinner that’s full of trans-fat,

you know it goes straight to my hips!

Don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t feel overwhelmed,

The 14th is just a cliche.

Besides… chocolate hearts are 50 % off

at most stores the very next day!


18 thoughts on “Free2Rhyme (or not) Friday: Valentine’s day

  1. Donna, I love it — both the prose and the poem.

    I didn’t grow up with Valentine’s so I never developed that sense of something special must happen today. My observation was of people having a ton of candy and I actually dislike all the brouhaha in school over Halloween and Valentine. Ooops, I’m going off on a tangent.

    By the way, my husband teases his colleagues because for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. their wives expect things or events or just something special. So he likes to rub it in a bit, saying that he’s gotten away with something. But truly, Donna, I prefer he is sweet and caring all year round, than just on specific dates. I get my daily kisses 🙂


    1. Vijaya – I so love getting to know you bia our blogs and comments on one another’s pages. I don’t like Halloween myself. (nor all the brouhaha!)

      Sounds like you and your hubby have a great relationship. I bet he makes all his friends jealous when he talks about you.

      (I prefer year round sweetness, too!)


  2. After having three kids, my hubby and I don’t do much on Valentine’s Day for each other. We are together with our kids, and we give each other a homemade card (cheaper and it means more). I do remember my husband sending me an ecard on Valentines Day once, that was the only time I criticized his choice :). My favorite thing about Valentines is the kids showing us all of their little cards and goodies from their friends at school!
    My fifth grader son insisted that fifth graders don’t trade cards at school so he didn’t pick any out when the other two did. And he came home and said he hurried and made some out of cardboard in class because the class DID exchange after all!
    Enjoy your weekend with your Valentine!


    1. Awww! I bet they liked your son’s Valentine’s most of all!

      I understand about doing stuff with the kiddos. We do, too. Every once in a while we’ll have time to ourselves on Valentine’s day, but it is usually on their insistence. They are already romantics! 🙂

      Happy V day to you, too!


  3. Hi Donna,
    My dear beloved always gives me kisses and a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, but this year I came up with something else in place of flowers. I still want the kisses 🙂 but I also want books, at least one new one a month, so that is what he is going to do for me. Today we are going out to get one from him for me for Feb. 14. Cool, huh? He said there are other events coming up … so I am sure we can get creative and make up something for each month there is not one. 🙂 You know, like … July is the middle of glorious Summer, and September is .. yayy! no kids from our house for whom we have to buy school supplies, anymore!
    My husband likes chocolate (which I cannot eat) so I bought him a box of good Dutch chocolate this year. So, we will both be smiling. There doesn’t have to be a certain date to do nice things for each other, anyway, right?
    Have a happy day! *hugs*


    1. Lynn,

      Your beloved sounds like a rare gem! A book a month is a great gift. Perhaps he’ll even read them and you can converse about them over some hot cocoa? I bet the winter’s are chilly up there! 🙂

      Happy Hugs to you and your beloved!


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