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WUWW2IW? – Only 9 more days!

Okay, Write2Ignite peeps…it’s almost here! Only one more “What’s Up With Write2Ignite Wednesday” post left until the big day! This time next week, I’ll be packing my bags and getting ready for the conference. Do you know what to bring to a conference? If not, I’ll share a basic list next week!

Now for today’s news!

1. Suzanne Gosselin, Editor of Clubhouse jr., will be accepting fiction and non-fiction articles AT the conference! That’s right – you can give them to her right there! See her guest post here: http://bit.ly/clubhousejr  Suzanne is a generous, kind person and a great editor. I hope you get a chance to meet her!

2. If you didn’t get a chance to read Jean Hall’s post, here it is: http://bit.ly/touchingtheclouds. It’s a wonderful expression of a heartfelt desire we all have to touch the clouds!

3. Please note that you will be choosing your workshops when you arrive at the conference. Look over what is being offered and have an idea of your choices. There are limited numbers of folks per workshop so be sure and have alternate choices should your choice of workshops be filled.

4. Bring plenty of warm clothing! It’s cold here in the South these days! 🙂

If you want a critique, there are still a few days left to get one done. *Please note that Kim Peterson has filled all her critique slots.*

That’s it for today. But if you have any questions, please feel free to post them below and I’ll do my best to get answers!


6 thoughts on “WUWW2IW? – Only 9 more days!

  1. Donna,

    I’d like some clarification, please. What does it mean when it says we get a critique if we bring a fiction or nonfiction piece to Suzanne Gosselin at the conference? Is she meeting with people at the conference and going over their submission or sending a written critique at a later time? Or something else?

    Thanks for offering to answer questions for us.

    Linda A.


    1. Linda – I emailed Suzanne and asked for a little clarificatioin about the critiques. I gave her your question and asked if her crits were part of the paid critiques or if they were part of the submission process to the magazine. She answered right away! Here is her response…

      “OK, great question! I was referring to the $25 critiques, in which I write my ideas, what would make the piece better, corrections, additions, suggestions, etc. However, everyone is free to submit material at the conference for Clubhouse or Clubhouse Jr. I just will not critique that work. Also, if they meet with me one-on-one for an appointment Sat. afternoon, I can offer limited critique of whatever they bring me. I hope that clarifies!”


    1. One more thing…

      Suzanne said, “Oh, and my plan would be to “critique” whatever I receive as a $25 submission the day of the conference, which was why I said people could bring them to me that day.”

      Hope that clarifies even more. Have a great day!


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