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New Changes to Wednesdays!

Today is usually my What’s Up With Write2Ignite Wednesday (WUWW2IW). However, since the next conference is a year away, I’m going to expand my Wednesday post to include other related topics such as contest, links, tips and other writing stuffs!

Without further ado…here we go!


Elana Roth (agent!) is hosting a CONTEST that ends TOMORROW, March 4 (9am). It’s a fun contest promoting the new book Doug-Dennis and the Fly Away Fib by Darren Farrell. You can win a signed copy of the book AND a partial critique by Elana Roth!  Don’t wait…enter today!

Tip o’ the Day

Sign up for a twitter account. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s fun. PLUS you connect with other writers all over the world. Oh yeah…and you find out about FANTASTIC contests like I mentioned above!

(Thanks to @Georgia_McBride, her #kidlitchat and @Elanaroth for sharing the info!)

BTW – if you have questions about twitter, I’ll try to give you an answer. The best thing to do is jump in with both feet, follow some folks you know (like me!) and see who they follow. Come on in…the water’s fine!


Every week I’ll be sharing some of my love for the Write2Ignite conference or a link to blog posts by other Write2Ignite attendees. Today, I’m sharing a beauty of a post by Dixie Phillips. You can find it HERE!


5 thoughts on “New Changes to Wednesdays!

  1. Donna, I am glad to see you back posting again. 🙂 Twitter, huh? This is something I have stayed clear of (Facebook too, refuse to go there), but many people (writers in particular) have said to try Twitter. Is it really that good and simple to use?


    1. There is a learning curve (as my sweet friend Jean Hall informed today when she signed up for twitter), but you will pick up on things pretty quickly. Go to twitter.com and set up an account. Once you’ve signed up, you can send me your account name and I’ll follow you (or you can follow me @Donna_Earnhardt). You can see who I follow or simply look up folks you might want to follow. When you get on there, please let me know!

      If you have any other questions, I’ll be glad to help if I can!


      1. Thanks, Donna. I did it! Just now. You can find me as Lynn_A_Davidson. I’m using my middle initial because there are many Lynn Davidson’s. Is that too cluttery?

        This is no time to be backward and shy I guess, so now my name is OUT THERE. Yikes! Now I have to think up a very first ‘tweet’ for ‘What’s happening?’ Knowing that what I post potentially goes out to the whole world … gulp! … caution is foremost. It feels more revealing than blogging.
        Another step forward in my life … I hope!


  2. I have a question about Twitter. I”m not sure I’m ready to dive into it yet. But I don’t have internet on my phone. Can you just twitter just using a computer on the twitter site?


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