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Jury Duties and Jury Don’ties

What I learned on my first day of Jury Duty…

1. Do go to the right floor.

2. Don’t  hang out on the wrong floor waiting for somebody to point you in the right direction.

3. Do show up 15 minutes ahead of time.

4. Don’t show up 5 minutes ahead of time and wait outside the doors of the WRONG courtroom (on the wrong floor).

5. Do bring something to read.

6. Don’t read the back of your eyelids. (The court doesn’t take kindly to snoring potential jurors )

7. Do show up on your appointed day.

8. Don’t assume you know how to read a calendar accurately.

9. Do let the court in on your mistake should you fail to heed the warning in #8.

10. Don’t tell anyone about the case you are working on.

11. Do tell everyone the funny story about showing up on the wrong day and not realizing it until halfway through the morning.

12. But Don’t blog about #11.

13. Nevermind, DO ignore #12.


16 thoughts on “Jury Duties and Jury Don’ties

  1. I know you may be sworn to secrecy, but is this from personal experience? So funny! I love funny lists. Ironically, my husband had to show up for possible jury duty today. I’ll have to pass this post along to him.


    1. Yes, it is from personal experience…today! 🙂
      Since I’m not discussing the actual case, I’m pretty sure they won’t come get me and throw me in the jail.

      Let’s hope I’m right this time…unlike the rest of the day. 🙂


  2. LOL!! No, not today. But I’ve got to call tomorrow night, just like you.

    Sean just told me that he and your daughter graduated together. This is such a small world!! (at least I think that’s what he said!)

    I was almost asleep during the second part, though. *zzzzzzz*


  3. Hi Donna,

    Maybe you need to put copies in the jury pool waiting room so everyone can enjoy a little humor.

    Linda A.


  4. I’m as old as the hills and have been registered for almost that long, yet have never been called for jury duty!

    Uh oh! Did I just say never?

    Watch-tomorrow I’ll get my little letter in the mail.



  5. You are too funny! You know, I haven’t ever been called for jury duty but I did get (about 3 to 4 months ago) a form I had to fill out for State court. Is that what you call it? The one where big time tax evasion/money hiding executives get in trouble. Whatever its called! < .


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