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Writing Wednesday!

I’m back from Jury Duty, um, I mean Jury SERVICE. Yes. And I had plenty of time to figure out what to post today while sitting and waiting…waiting and sitting…sitting and – well, you get the picture. Without further ado… (and without any more little…) —


  • The Texas Sweethearts critique group is hosting a contest on their blog. Follow their entry rules and you might win a critique with editor Madeline Smoot (of Blooming Tree Press)!  Check out this link to the announcement on Verla Kay’s message board: Blog Contest! Then follow the directions on their BLOG.
  • The Shooting Stars are offering a contest, too. Check it out here — Submission/critique contest


Tip o’ the Day (actually, tipS o’ the day)

If you have already joined Twitter (as I suggested last week), check out #kidlitchat and #yalitchat. If you aren’t familiar with what to do, type in one of those phrases in the search box on twitter. Tons of tweets with those “hashtags” will appear. You can then see all the interesting things that have been discussed the night before.

OR – you can go to Greg Pincus’ site for the #kidlitchat transcripts: http://www.thehappyaccident.net/kidlitchat-transcripts/

And this Georgia McBride’s site for the #YAlitchat: http://georgiamcbridebooks.wordpress.com/yalitchat/

Rachelle Gardner (agent with WordServe Literary) shared some info via Twitter yesterday:  “I’m doing a blog series in which I critique queries. Email me your query and put “query critique” in the subject line.”

She then clarified in two other tweets: “Also re the query critiques, I’ll get too many submissions, so I will be CHOOSING which to use on the blog.” and “For my blog series on query critiques, it’s best if it’s at least close to something I rep. I’d be horrible at judging fantasy, for example.”


Today I’m showing some blogging love for Mary Ellen Dukes! She attended the Write2Ignite conference a couple of weeks ago.  Check out her beauty of a post HERE!

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4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday!

    1. That is NO fun at all! I’m sorry. I think hanging out at the courthouse for two days was a blast. But since they won’t call us back for at least 2 years, we better make plans to get together before then. 🙂 Seriously – let me know what is good for your schedule. Okay – not on a day when you have to work 10 hour days. ugh!


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