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Writing Wednesday: Submissions

You did it. You finished that great picture book, magazine story novel, poem or song.

In addition, you’ve had it critiqued. You’ve revised it. You’ve made sure it’s as good as it’s gonna get this side of an editor’s desk.

What do you do now? Here is a breakdown for you…

1. Put your ms in an envelope.

2. Address the envelope to the desired (and well targeted) publisher or agent.

3. Walk out the mailbox or drive to the post office.

4. Put it in the mail.

5. Wait.

6. Repeat as many times as necessary.

That’s it.

You have to SUBMIT your stuff, folks. Get it out there. Don’t keep it in a drawer to gather dust. Why are you hiding your light under a bushel?

And if your excuse is, “I don’t have time to get to the post office” or “I don’t like snail mail”…then email your manuscripts, queries and proposals to the editors and agents who accept email subs.

Here are a few places to get you started:


  • Sara Crowe with the Harvey Klinger Agency. (you can find the HK agency here and Sara’s info here.)
  • Ginger Clark with Curtis Brown, Ltd. You can find her info here and her twitter account here.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT know these agents personally. I am in NO way affiliated with them. They are just some agents who, according to agentquery.com, accept email queries AND children’s stories. Do your homework and make sure your story is a good fit before submitting.


10 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Submissions

  1. Donna,

    Thanks for the encouragement and the links to check out. I liked the Biblical idea of not hiding our light under a bushel and your reminder to repeat as many times as necessary. There’s hope with persistance. Let’s keep at it.

    Linda A.


  2. My son asked me what I was working on. I told him I was working on the novel again. He said, “I thought you finished that thing last year.” I laughed and told him I did too. If only it was so simple, lol!


  3. I always feel good getting submissions out in the mailbox. I’ve sent many to publishers before I started looking for an agent. I don’t like seeing the envelopes back though! 🙂
    Many agents are accepting submissions through email nowadays. I like it-very green, and cheaper too!


    1. Thank you, Stephen! I checked out your site. I love the lion at the top of the page. Great work! I have always wanted to draw – but my 6 year old sketches better than I do! 🙂

      I hope everything is going good for you!


  4. You wrote this for me, didn’t you? I love day dreaming. I love writing. I hate submitting. So, I guess my day dreams about being published will just always be that . . . unless I sub. So, keep kicking me in the rear, my friend!


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