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Maverick Monday: Boundaries

Why is it when we allow folks to cross into our “boundary zone” we get upset?

Or why is it when they try to invade our boundary zone…and we say “NO”…THEY get upset?

We can use this info in our writing. The emotions that go along with “boundary breaking” can aid us in making our characters real.

It can be emotional, spiritual, physical, work-related. Whatever the boundary, it’s all relational. What are some boundary-breaking situations that can help set up good conflict in our stories?


8 thoughts on “Maverick Monday: Boundaries

  1. Hmmmm – this is very useful.

    I certainly relate to it in real life. I think one of the hardest things is convincing OURSELVES not to let others cross our boundary line. That creates anger with the other person and with self.

    Indecision equals feeling helpless!

    Thanks for posing these questions. I can use them in my WIP!


  2. Donna and Joyce,

    I agree that this is very useful. Boundary crossing is a good way to add depth to characters. Thanks for such a good tip and a way to challenge our writing. You’re on to something here! Go Donna.

    Linda A.


  3. Donna,

    I’m not sure if you are seeing follow up comments on my blog. I asked you if you homeschool. I just now reread your comment and see that you told me you do!

    I need to pay better attention to what I read! But I could blame it on the fact that I have 3 grandchildren here right now. : )

    Anyway – hope you are having a good homeschool year. My comment was that when your oldest reads BLUE, I will send him/her a signed bookmark. Also that I have educational activities on my website – left links on MY BOOKS pages.


    1. Sounds wonderful, Joyce! My dd is 12 and would love one of the signed bookmarks. I’m planning to purchase it in a couple of weeks. I’ll email you once we have it. She loves meeting the authors of the books she reads. Maybe she’ll have to opportunity to meet you one day, too!

      She’ll have it read in a few days, I’m sure. Then… IT’S MY TURN!! 🙂



  4. As a counselor, this should be an easy question for me. Some examples of boundary breaking situations I see and hear about all the time are: Affairs of the heart and/or the bed, drinking and driving, sharing confidential info with others, expecting too much in a friendship, chronic complainers, relying too heavily on certain people, being financially irresponsible, talking too much and never listening, control freaks, laziness, chronic lying, internet addicts, etc. I love brainstorming!

    BTW, thanks again for the kind words on my blog. You always make my day!


    1. The bro code — heehee! There’s the female version of the bro code, too. You know, don’t date your friend’s ex-boyfriend or someone she liked (even if he didn’t like her back).

      Good to see you, K! Hope things are going great for you!



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