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Writing Opportunities!

I love Wednesdays. I don’t know why. I just do. And one of the things I do on Wednesdays is to share some writing info I’ve gleaned over the last week.

Here goes…


Write for LiveStrong.com — If you have experience writing on health, fitness and/or nutrition topics, this might be the freelance job for you. Click HERE for more details!

Write for an Interior Design Mag — Do you have an eye for design? Can you write photo rich articles on a weekly basis? If this interests you, click HERE for more info.

Writing Assistant in Charlotte NC — Weekly assignments/long term position. Click HERE for more info.

Write for Charlotte’s Uptown Magazine — First person article needed. For more info, click HERE

Kids and Money — If you have some good ideas about how to teach children money management, this might be the writing job for you. Click HERE For more details.

Curriculum Writer — If you are interested in writing curriculum for 9th graders, click HERE!

There are also plenty of “non-paying” writing jobs out there. Ask your local churches if they need filler for their newsletters. Ask your local schools if they need help with their newsletters or school papers.

Approach your family to see if they’d like you to put together a Reunion newsletter with news from cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. It will bring you all closer (hopefully!) and give you a chance to work out your writing skills!


7 thoughts on “Writing Opportunities!

  1. Donna,

    What a varied listing. Thanks for thinking of others and posting. You never know when one might be a “perfect” fit. THANKS!

    Linda A.


  2. What a lovely thing to do Donna … I do enjoy writing-for-hire but right now I’m focused on my novel and my teaching, so something’s got to give and it’s this. Let’s hope the novel pays off …


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