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Free2Rhyme (or not) Friday

The Puente!

Today, let’s write a Puente. It’s new to me, too, so I suggest you go here for a full explanation. Then share your puente in the comment section. I’m sharing mine below.


Though your smile

Is the same

And your laugh unmistakeable

There is a lost look in your eyes

As if you’ve forgotten

Who you are

Who I am

Who we are

~In the midst of this crazy world~

I still “do”,

just like I did at the altar

And no matter what happens

No matter what time brings

I will remember

For you

For me

For us


10 thoughts on “Free2Rhyme (or not) Friday

  1. Neat!
    Lemme see…

    crouching in the dark
    a predator waits
    thirsting for blood
    that can never sate

    his desire

    for love
    to once again be human
    or end the torture that
    is his undead life

    Does that work?


  2. I’m not sure I understand this approach (I’m NOT a poet.) But here’s my attempt.


    I’ve lost so many things, it seems,
    Of late
    From ball point pen
    To cell phone when
    On page or screen I need to jot a date.

    ~Memory dims with every passing year~

    Son in uniform across the sea,
    So proud
    Tiny dresses pink
    Wedding tears blink
    Swimsuits at the pool on sisters three.


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