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Summer, school and sweat!


Okay, so our annual testing is done and on the way back to the place I had to send them.

We have a three week break until we start our summer session.

YES…we homeschool all year. BUT…I try to make it fun. So I’ve got a big challenge in front of me!

I am also on a quest, as most of you know, to shed the baby fat that has been hanging around (literally) far longer than it should. And since my youngest “baby” is now 6 1/2, I am using the term “baby fat” in the loosest of terms. Matter of fact, I joined a women’s gym today. It’s great! I enjoyed my first workout this evening. They even have childcare, so I can take my sweet girls with me. What a blessing!

I even ran FAST on the treadmill! (okay, fast for ME – but it still counts!)

I’m taking an active role in my health. It’s important…and it’s about time.

I can tell this gym thing is going to be a good outlet for me. I can do some heavy thinkin’ while I’m sweatin’ and keep my mind off the huffin’ and puffin’ my body is producin’.

Random observation: I don’t know why I refused to end all these words in the previous sentence with the proper “g”. Eh.

It’s 2:14am. I think that’s a sign I should be in bed.


12 thoughts on “Summer, school and sweat!

  1. Congratulations on joining a gym, Donna. With childcare provided, you can concentrate on you and meeting those personal health goals.

    Good luck on the test scores. Enjoy your three weeks off from school. I vote lots of summer field trips once you’re back in session.

    Linda A.


  2. Yes, Donna … get your necessary sleep or all day you’ll be yawnin’! 😉
    And it is now known that without proper sleep the body cannot get rid of the ‘excess’ as easily, which means you will have to work all the harder to drop those unwanted pounds. Makes sleep sound better, doesn’t it?
    You go, Girl! I’m proud of you in what you are doing for your health.


    1. Hi Nathalie! I’ve missed you. I need to scoot over to your blog this week. I’m way behind on blog hopping and also keeping my own up do date. I need to do a better job. Thank you for stopping by, my friend!


  3. Woooohoooo! How wonderful, girl. I ordered some homeschool curriculum for my kids to keep their brains sharp over the summer. I am in love with the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum by Lori Verstegen. The exercises are amazing! Ever heard of it?


    1. I’ve heard of that program, I think, but not familiar with it. Let me know how it goes! We’ll be starting our Summer program next week. Right now, we are still on our 3 week semester break.


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