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Idea mania

A few nights ago, the first line of a new picture picture book popped in my mind. I started writing.

I made it through the first page and then BAM! I realized that I didn’t have any clue as to what was going to happen next.

I was up the literary creek without a sharpened idea!

That being said, I’m doing some brainstorming as I’m working around the house. And when I am sleeping the ideas are swarming – and fresh on my mind when I awake.

It’s coming along. I’m excited and it’s fun! This is the creative part of the process and I’m thankful that the Lord gave us the gift of creativity! I still don’t even know if it is to be a picture book or if it will turn into a chapter book or something completely different. But whatever happens, I’m enjoying the journey.

What do YOU do when you have a new idea…but don’t know where it’s heading?


13 thoughts on “Idea mania

  1. Donna,

    Here’s what helps me: I write what I can, and then jot notes above or below the manuscript as they come to me.

    I know I should stop and say a prayer of thanks for the ideas and ask God to guide me on my writing journey. I have to admit, I often forget that key step. At least I’m honest and I’m working on improving.

    Linda A.


      1. My ideas tend to come in the middle of the night. I drag my weary old body out of bed and jot them down. I ruminate on them when I walk the dogs or do other routine things but something amazing happens when I sit in front of the computer and they come flowing out. I believe they are a gift.

        So glad I happened upon your blog today.



  2. What fun, Donna! I love chewing on a new idea … I keep writing, making notes, exploring. Just this weekend, Grandma said something so clever, we sat and brainstormed together … I hope it turns into a PB. It’s rather subversive, so I don’t know whether it’s viable, but I intend to play with it …

    Enjoy, enjoy and yes, I should always remember to thank the Lord for everything.


    1. Ooooh! That sounds like a wonderful time with grandma. Those conversations are the best. My grammy went to see Jesus when I was in high school – but I still remember many of our “giggle-fests”. She was incredible.

      I hope the Lord grows your story into something fabulous. I can’t wait to see it!


  3. It’s what we writers do!!! It’s exhilarating…it’s overwhelming…it’s satisfying…it’s frightening…it’s exhausting…it’s freeing! Buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight!!!

    Love you!


  4. Oh those are fun, aren’t they? I keep a journal of future projects, thoughts and ideas in the most fufu journal I can find. I love scribbling in books that are too pretty to mess up. I wonder what sort of psychological meaning that has!


  5. Thanks for your suggestions and encouragement, y’all! I’ve been busy with other projects lately (all non-writing) and have neglected the blog. Thank you, though, for stopping by and being such good blogging buddies!


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