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Pics from the hiking trip

refreshing enough to jump in!

The hubster and I went hiking/camping this weekend. WHEW! Lots of strenuous exercise and worth it. I’m not saying I’d hike down to the gorge again, but I am glad I did it this time.

If you’ve never been to Linville Gorge, I suggest you go at some point if you are able to. Even if you don’t hike all the way down to the gorge, head over to Linville Falls. It’s in the same area. You’ll find some breathtaking views and revel in the beauty of God’s creation!

Here are a few pics of our weekend if you want a sneak peek! (most are of the hike and gorge, with a few of my hubby and me.) There are some captions, though some are hard to read. Hope you enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Pics from the hiking trip

  1. Donna,

    What great photographs of a lovely place. I almost felt like I was there. Thanks for the virtual tour. I hope you had a great time celebrating your anniversary.

    Linda A.


  2. Although I’m thinking the hike *down* was challenging, it’s the hike *up* that would do me in! I’ve never been to Linville–and I grew up in the mtns. Need to add that to my “must see” list. Love the close-up of you! Although all the photos are great.


  3. Joyce – it was hot indeed! But thankfully, not nearly as hot as it was here! (I love the kudzu bear, too. It’s my fave! My hubby took the pic. I think we’re going to do a photo essay on kudzu “sculptures” and send it to highlights. It could be a cool article!

    Jean – it was a great weekend, thank you! We don’t get to do this often. The last time just he and I went away for an anniversary trip was our 5 year anniversary. It was about time! 🙂

    Valerie – The up climb was soooooo difficult. I was praying for the next hill to be the last…then the next…then the next. Finally – it was! 🙂 And thank you for the sweet comment about my picture. My hubby is a fantastic photog…especially since he can make me look semi decent when I’m sweaty and tired!

    Linda – I’ll tell my hubby you liked his pictures. That will make his day! 🙂 I’m glad I got to chat with you this morning!

    Vijaya – thank you for the sweet words. I’ll pass them along to my hubster. If you are ever in NC, you have to let me know. We MUST get together! You’d love our mountains!

    Thanks y’all!


  4. Donna, just want you to know a friend of mine sold an article on kudzu to Highlights. They are still holding it as they so often do. Maybe you can tag along by supplying awesome photos. Let me know if I can help you make some connections.


    1. Oh that would be great! My hubby and I live near MUCH Kudzu! 🙂 We can supply all the pics they want. If you know of specific pic they need, I’m pretty sure he can take some good ones. You’re awesome! We can chat more via email if you’d like. Also – I just got your email about the Write2ignite chat. I’ll email about that, too!! I’m excited!


  5. Hey my friend!!!
    I’m not a hiker…but LOVE going to Linville Falls!!!! Did you by any chance go to Famous Louise’s Rock House restaurant????? Her pie…homemade fresh daily…is to die for!!!!! I blogged about it one day this summer.

    Loved that closeup picture of you!!! You have such beautiful eyes!! 🙂

    It was great to hear your voice on the phone yesterday!!! Miss you!!


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