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Wow – is it Writing Wednesday already?

from morguefile.com

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Writing Wednesday post.  It’s time I remedied that situation. Here are some great places to visit today to get some insight and inspiration for your writing journey…

Need to do some research on archetypes and conflicts in your story? Joan Edwards has some great info in her newest post — http://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/

Linda Andersen is the guest blogger on the Write2Ignite blog. She shares a new submission opportunity and her struggle with sharing such information — http://write2ignite.wordpress.com/write2ignite-blog/

Feeling discouraged? Read this article on Agent Les Stobbe’s website. It will give you a skip in your stop for days!

One more thing – I’m making some changes to the Write2ignite website. So if you stop by and want to comment on the changes, feel free! We always love input!

Oh yeah – and this has NOTHING to do with writing – but it sure is interesting!


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