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Not sure what to name this one…

My husband loves me – and he shows me in ways that I sometimes overlook.

Just this past weekend, during our anniversary weekend getaway, I was upset about something he said. I tried to keep it to myself, but I was white-knuckling it. He pushed and pushed until it all came out. I didn’t particularly want to tell him because I knew it would be ugly. But at the same time, I was holding something in that clearly needed to be aired out.

He listened.

He let me vent.

He let me get it off my chest without getting mad or defensive in return.

I wasn’t exactly nice about it, either.

And yet… in the aftermath of my verbal a wrath…I saw his sweetness. His warmth. His love for me.

He bought a tent light just because he knows I can still be a little bit of a scaredy-cat.

He gave me his coolio bandana soaked with water to cool me off when I was too hot on the hike.

He encouraged me when I was so discouraged and frustrated on the trail. And he didn’t make fun of me when I cried like a big ol’ baby.

My husband listened as I told him about my dreams, my hopes and the fact that I thought Bigfoot was following us on the trail. Yep. He just lets me ramble.

He admitted that he missed the kids just as much as I did.

He bought me a writing notebook – even though I have a bazillion – JUST because he knows I like them.

And I love him for all that… and more.

Nobody is perfect, but I’m so glad God paired us together so we can be grow in love together.

He’s also a kick-butt photographer. I’m posting more below. ENJOY!

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9 thoughts on “Not sure what to name this one…

  1. Aw, Donna, the best piece of advice I got when I got married was: Be kind, even when you don’t feel like it. Sounds like you have a very kind husband.

    Beautiful photos.


  2. Donna;
    You both love and appreciate each other – it shows!
    I’m love the photos, my favorite is the one with the butterfly on the right, the small black bug on the left and the red flower front and center.


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