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In the Grumps…

Have you ever had a case of the “grumps”? You know, a day when everything …and everyone… seems to be grating on your “last nerve”? A day when you realize how big of a grump-box you are?

Well – today was my day. I was a grump-box extraordinaire. I had to apologize to my sweet kids for being such a goober today. In hopes of keeping others from suffering from the same “grumptiousness” I suffered today, I offer a song from Noggin. Yes. Noggin. It will bring a smile to your face. Too bad I didn’t remember the song earlier today! 🙂 (the fella singing is David Weinstone. He reminds of that guy that used to be on Quantum Leap. I dunno why…)


6 thoughts on “In the Grumps…

  1. Donna,

    This song is adorable. What a great way to teach acceptance of our feelings. I hope you are feeling a-okay today! I can’t imagine you as a grump for very long!

    Linda A.


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