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Cool stuff!

If you get a chance, check out the new posts over at http://write2igniteblog.write2ignite.com/ . Our new blog Maven, Amy Tate, and our newest blogger, Linda Andersen, are sharing some great insight and fabulous resources. Check out Amy’s posts every Monday and Linda’s latest “Thrift and Gift” post every Thursday. (And share the bounty with your friends!)

Also – thanks to sclark (over on Verla Kay’s board) for sharing this upcoming webinar.

And a huge wave to HumorWriter (a.k.a. Donna Gephardt) for exposing me to this very funny video made by the wonderfully talented Chuck Dillon who creates a lot of artwork for Highlights for children. Click here to enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Cool stuff!

  1. Donna,

    Thanks for so many great tips and for posting a link to “Thrift and Gift.” I signed up for the webinar, although I’ll have to view the archives. I will check the other great gifts later. Wow, you have a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda A.


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