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Lions, lemurs and Gators – Oh my!

I went to the NC zoo last Saturday. It is fabulous. Did you know they now have an exhibit called, “Lemur Island”?

You probably did a little “ooooooh” thing with your mouth b/c you think lemurs are as cool as I do. Don’t be embarrassed. I did it, too. I even squealed a little bit! (No…wait…I think it was when I saw the gargantuan crocodile pictured above. I’ve nick-named him Tiny.) 

As for th lemurs, I was able to take some good pics. I won’t be sharing them here, though, just in case a friend of mine can use them. I know, I know. *collective sigh*

We saw a lot of neat animals and I did a little research while I was there. I now have about a dozen ideas for articles and books. I have a lot of pictures, too. Don’t worry, I won’t subject you to all of them. But if I show you some of the pics, maybe you’ll get some ideas, too.


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13 thoughts on “Lions, lemurs and Gators – Oh my!

  1. Thanks, y’all! I have a lot of pics, but I am hoping I can actually sell some of them. I figure I better try before I post them here. 🙂

    We actually bought season passes because it was cheaper to go that route than buying a one time pass. We have a lot of trips ahead of us! 🙂


  2. Donna,
    I’m so glad inspiration has overflowed your cup. That’s better than the zoo pictures and I liked them plenty.

    Linda A.


  3. Donna, the Hopscotch group of magazines often buys pictures along with the article … they don’t pay great but it’s a good start. Also try National Geographic Kids — you will have to write a killer query. I’ve never broken through that magazine, but I keep trying. And good luck.


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