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Silence is golden…isn’t it?

I rarely have a day when I just want to be quiet. But when those days come, I usually obey…NOT.

Yep. You read right. I tend to keep on…and on…and on…

and then on…a little more.

It’s usually related to the fact that I want to be HEARD.

We talk b/c we want to be heard.

And I think we are quiet for two reasons:

1. We are content and don’t need to be heard.

2. We are tired of trying to be heard.

Which are you?

Are you content? Do you feel you are understood? Do you feel you don’t need to shout it from the rooftops?

Or do you feel like no one hears you? Can you be quiet when should be quiet?


17 thoughts on “Silence is golden…isn’t it?

  1. Thought-provoking …

    Something I have learned is that wanting to be heard comes out of pride and maybe even needing affirmation. I am learning to be quiet more often, contentedly absorbing the silence or just liking to listen, really listen, to what others have to say, and realizing that even if I have a good p0int to make it is not always necessary to make it. Respect plays a part in that, too – respect of others and of God. It’s hard to hear anyone, including God, when I’m making all the noise. 🙂

    Good post, Donna.


  2. Hey Donna,
    Interesting…I do like to be heard. There are times when I’m very quiet, but usually that means my keyboard is noisy creating another way to be heard. So, am I really being quiet at all? Hummm….

    Have a great day being quiet or loud!

    Linda A.


  3. I’m a mixture between quiet and shouting, but my preference is quiet. My natural state is quiet, but you know how it is with kids. They are not listening. I find that if I go dead quiet, they listen best. But yeah, I’m teaching everybody in my noisy family to cultivate silence, because really, it is in quietness that we hear the voice of God.


  4. Often as not I’m content to be quiet, especially on blog comments if someone else has already expressed the same opinion. I’m not a great conversationalist at gatherings, either, because I like to listen more than contribute.


  5. I’m naturally a quiet person. Usually when I talk, I put my foot in my mouth and regret it later. But I DO want to be heard. That’s why I like writing so much. I can revise and edit and tweak until I’m actually saying what I mean.


  6. I definitely share my opinion on things that I have an understanding of. I don’t normally feel the need to butt into a conversation just to be heard, but I am opinionated and have no problem sharing what’s on my mind if what I feel it has merit.

    Good post


  7. Oh this is hilarious to me… why? Because I live with a bunch of people who LOVE to be heard! There isn’t a quiet one of us in the bunch. When mother visited recently, she just sat back at the dinner table with her mouth wide-open and commented regarding our noisiness! All that being said, I’m learning the value of silence. The older I get, the wiser I am concerning my many words and need to speak them accordingly.

    Less is often the best. How I pray to measure my words carefully and speak them on an as needed basis; not as I need, but as others do.



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