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An open letter to my Mama

Dear Mama,

It is officially December 7th and therefore I can officially say,


Even though you, me and the rest of our fabulous looking clan know it’s your birthday…and why it is such a special day…the entirety of the free world does not.

And well, I’m out to change that….one large handful of blog readers at a time. 

Today is a day we celebrate the unique and wonderful gift of YOU. To quote VeggieTales, “God made you special”. And for that, we are most grateful.

So, dear readers (and of course, my fabulous looking, genius and wonderfully sweet Mama) – here is a mere portion of the reasons today is such a fantastic day and some things we celebrate about you… 

Today we celebrate…

Your patience with yourself and others. How many nights did you hear, “But it’s due tomorrow…and I just started on it today…” — ? And still… patience. 

Your ability to find joy in things and situations that others might not. (Shelling peas is one example that comes to mind…)

Your gifts of creativity: in baking, painting, piano playing, poetry writing and tons of other “ings”! (You’ve passed them on down to your grandbabies, too!)

Your ability to know when something is going to work…and when it won’t. That’s a trait most of us hope we absorb soon!

Your willingness to try something new. What did Sean say? “You can’t do anything to that computer that I can’t fix.” And you took him up on it. And conquered it! He still brags on you about that…

The gift of patience and love you exhude. You never fail to let us know how much you love us…and have taught us how to do the same for others.

Your gift of encouragement. You are a “Barnabas” if I’ve ever seen one!

Your insight and wisdom. God has given you much. Thank you for listening and sharing it with those of us still lacking!

Your fabulous sense of humor. Need an example? The poem for Grandma’s birthday, and of course, the restaurant with the horrible name. ’nuff said. 🙂

Today we celebrate the YOU God has shaped and is still shaping. The YOU that sees the good in others…even when they can’t see it. The YOU that stands up for the right – even when the wrong seems so strong. We celebrate the YOU that God has created for a time such as this. We celebrate the beautiful person God knew He was creating long before even your sweet Mama knew.

Today, we celebrate because we love you and are thankful for every 5ft 1inch of you. (I might be off by half an inch!)

Grandma, sister, friend, “One-man-woman”, aunt, teacher, disciple, servant, precious one, daughter of God, friend of Jesus…


Our mama.

Our amazing, wonderful, spirit-filled, loving Mama.

We know you know it already…but we have to say it anyway…


Happy Birthday from all of us…

The favorites (all six of us).



8 thoughts on “An open letter to my Mama

  1. Hi Donna,
    One great big, wonderful birthday message! “How sweet it is!” (Jackie Gleason). Thanks for sharing your mama’s goodness with us. We all are enriched by your description of her.

    Linda A.


  2. Your Mama sounds like a blessing to her family… and her family is obviously a blessing to her. Such love! My mother died young, over 25 years ago, and we never developed a close relationship like yours, and yet I appreciate many things about the kind of person she was. I’m sorry she’s not around to know that. It makes your letter all the more poignant for me.


  3. Thanks to you all for such sweet words about my mama. And thank you for sharing in my joy. 🙂

    Jean – you are so sweet! 🙂

    Carol – Losing your mom at such a young age must have been terribly hard. I can’t imagine how difficult that was. Thank you for sharing with me. You make me count my blessings even more.

    V.V. – Heehee! So glad the words conveyed a little of who she is. You’d love her even more if you met her. 🙂

    Linda – thank you for the sweet birthday wishes for my mom. I read all the responses to her and she loved them all! 🙂


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