writing for children

A Proud Mama!

My teenage daughter is gifted in many things. She designs clothes…and is learning to sew them. She draws beautiful pictures. She plays guitar (better and better each day) and has such a soothing singing voice!

Another gift she has…and a gift the Lord is cultivating in her.. is the gift of writing. And today she wrote a freeverse poem and shared it with me. And now – I’m sharing it with you. I’m one proud mama!

A WRITER by K. Earnhardt

My feelings are more than feelings

They are ideas that my brain has not yet thought of

When I cry, it is words on a page…It’s not anger, sorrow or salty water running down my cheeks

When I’m happy…it’s a fairy tale with nothing bad

But if I am mad…it is the opposite. It is rage, war, less than life.

If I am surprised…it is a child’s party or a dance.







23 thoughts on “A Proud Mama!

  1. Way to go K and Proud Mama! This is a fantastic poem! Are there poetry readings for teens in your area? I hope K will consider reading it somewhere in public. Is K coming to the Teen Track at the Write2Ignite Conference in February? This girl has talent!

    Linda A.


  2. Thank you for your sweet words! She’ll read the comments later tonight and I know this will encourage her!
    And yes, she’s going to be there! She loved it last year and is looking forward to learning some great stuff from Miss Carol! She is counting down the days.


  3. Gorgeous poem!! I love her metaphors…so real and beautiful, yet so abstract and thought provoking! I’d be s very proud mama indeed!


  4. I am such a softie, but I almost cried when she read it to me this morning. I had no idea she was even writing one today. It is so neat that she is now writing without being prompted by me! 🙂


  5. WOW!! What a wonderful poem. It speaks to me and, to me, that’s what makes good poetry. It creates “mind pictures”, and that’s another thing I like about poetry. K, you keep this up, for yourself and those of us who love you. Vivigran


  6. Wonderful job! Love how she has discovered writing as a way to express and process her emotions. That will bless not only her but all who read her words as well. I see many more proud mama moments ahead! 🙂


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