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Teen Beat

What’s your teen reading?

My oldest has read several different books over the last few years. I’m always amazed at the fact that she has such a varied reading list. I am going to list a few of them. Then I’d like to know what your teens, students, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbor’s kids, youth group… any teen you know… are reading!

Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators  — She has read all of the books in this series she can get her hands on. But the books are hard to find b/c the early ones are considered collector’s editions. So, yeah, they can be too expensive for my blood. Thus the reason we are always scouring book traders, yard sales and libraries!

The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan First let me say, Carrie Ryan is an excellent writer. There is NO question about that. If you meet her, you will be bowled over! She is charming and down to earth. That being said, I still need to give a head’s up (pardon the pun) about the Dead Tossed Waves. It deals with life, death, re-death (yes, re-death) and abandonment, courage, love, new beginnings, new endings, betrayal and freedom.

A good friend of mine recommended this one. So, my DD has only read this one. (There are 3.) She will probably read the rest in a couple of years, if not before then. I just want her to be old enough NOT to be scared when I turn out the lights. 🙂 

Andrea Carter/The Circle C Books by Susan Marlow – I received this books for review…and she read them before I did! She is biting at the bit waiting for the next one to come out. The main character is always on some adventure OR in some type of trouble and finding out more about who she is and who she is becoming…it’s chocolate to a teen’s heart.

Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb – she’s reading this b/c I’m making her. However, she’s getting a real kick out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It makes her giggle…then she comes and tells me about it. It’s giving us a chance to talk about my 9th grade experience when playing Hippolyta in the play. We also talked about my role as Juliet. She finds it humorous…but the story? Not so much. 

After reading Romeo and Juliet she was not all that impressed. I asked, “So, what happened?” Her reply, “They died.”

“Well, okay.” I tried a different question. “What did you learn from this story?”

Her deadpan reply, “Always tell your parents who you’re dating.”

Jerk, California by Jonathan Friesen — DD had an all day teen track writing workshop with the author of Jerk, California last year. She HAD to have the book. So, we bought it for her. She devoured it in a matter of days. Spoiler: this is a real book for anyone who has ever dealt with bullying and tourette’s. Real language. Real people. Real disappointments. Real emotion. (My oldest HIGHLY recommends this to her friends, but warns them about the language in the book.)

She also reads Cicada Magazine for teens/YA, 14 and up.

This is the abbreviated list..and I’m excited that it is so varied! It reminds me that I need to keep my own writing fresh. I don’t need to put her or other teens in a “reading” box. I don’t need to write in a box, either!  

Again, I ask… what are your teens reading? What are YOU reading?


6 thoughts on “Teen Beat

  1. Hi Donna,
    It’s good that your daughter has varied interests. I was stuck on biographies as a younger reader. That’s not so common. My niece is eleven and loves horse books. There are no teens in our family at this time. I gave my niece a copy of Mockingbird for Christmas. I don’t know if she’s read it yet, but I checked it out at the library and read it. The main character has Asperger’s (higher end of autistic). The author has a great voice for that character. You feel like you stepped into her world. I’d also recommend Blue by Joyce Hostetter too.
    Linda A.


  2. Oh, my dd 15 would love the Alfred Hitchcock books; I shall have to introduce her to them! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and commenting (twice!). I’m just a tad behind here (ssshhhh – don’t tell anyone!).


  3. Oh, gosh I wish I knew that she read these earlier. My youngest brother who really doesn’t care what happens to his books from when he was a kid has two or three of these in my parents basement. (They may even be first editions. LOL) I don’t know what ones they are, but I know I read them as a teen and liked them – I may be headed back that way in the summer. Email me the names of books you need and I will see what I can do. Liz


    1. Ooooh! T3I? My DD will faint from an overdose of joy! 🙂 I’ll check with her and see what she’s got and what she wants. I can tell you that she probably will say, “Whatever she’s willing to give me!” She’s not picky when it comes to those books!


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