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Waking up Grumpy: I wish the bathroom was closer

Okay, so that isn’t exactly the title I was aiming for, but here’s what happened…

Last night, when it was time to say prayers with my children before they went to bed, we all sat in the living room and tried to calm down. Okay, I was calm, but my middle girl and youngest girl had ants in their pants.

When my oldest started praying, the middle girl slid off the couch. I told her to climb back up.

She did as she was told. Then promptly faced the back of the couch and rested her head and hands on the wall directly behind it. I’m not sure how she did it, but she made the entire wall vibrate.

My oldest quickly finished her prayer. I immediately told our middle child that she needed to quit interrupting others while they were praying. My oldest remembered something she needed to pray about – and prayed a little more.

It was finally my middle DD’s turn. “Dear Lord…”

My youngest interrupted. “I just broke wind.”

My middle DD, “Thank you, Lord, that she isn’t over here.” (or something like that.) 

My youngest adds her two cents worth, again. “And thank you for Aunt Rachel.”

My middle DD, “And please help other people stop making my prayers longer.”

By this time, I’m shaking. No sound is coming out…but it’s not going to take much and the giggles will explode. I can’t help it.

All of a sudden, a hand grabs my shoulder and squeezes.

I thought it was my sister reaching across the couch to help me calm down.


It was my youngest giving me an “It’s okay, mom,” squeeze.

I lost it.

As did my sister.

And in that moment, I realized that my bathroom needed to be about 20 feet closer.

I am a grown woman with three children.

Three children who were VERY LARGE BABIES.

Three large babies who did things to my bladder that have not been undone.


I returned to find my family waiting for me and watching a Tim Hawkins video. It made me giggle all over again. (don’t judge me!) 🙂

And then, yes… we prayed. (after I apologized to my middle dd for interrupting her prayers!)

I’m so glad God has a sense of humor. I’m so glad He loves my babies. I’m so glad He loves you. And I’m so glad He loves my sister and me…

Giggly prayers and all.


7 thoughts on “Waking up Grumpy: I wish the bathroom was closer

  1. Hi Donna,
    Silly giggles are most likely to appear at bedtime it seems. I love that your family prays together before going to bed. What a lovely picture or perhaps a picture book. If humor is what you’re going for…well you’ve describe a moment to include. HUMMM…

    Linda A.


  2. Christina – EXACTLY! And dust in the wind used to be one of my favorite “oldies”…but now… I just can’t think of it in the same way, either! I get tickled everytime 🙂

    Jean – You know what I always say. Look at the platypus. The Lord knows that animal hits my funny bone and gives me the giggles. Duck + beaver + ninja? (ya know, the male has poisoned spurs in the back of it’s feet) 🙂 Very cool…yet still funny!


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