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Net Nibblets and Nuggets – III

While tweeting this week, I found a few nuggets. I also asked for some recommendations from the fine folks on VerlaKay’s board. Here are the results from both fishing expeditions!

Megan Bickel’s Blog – The Write-At-Home-Mom — This is a good blog for finding nuggets of info in chewable bites! She has writing advice and even contest info.

Debbie Maxwell’s Blog – Writing While the Rice Boils — I found this blog while reading one of Jill Corcoran’s tweets. (I follow her and other agents on twitter.) I read an interview, a couple of other posts and then saw one on THREES. (if you read my blog last week, you’ll know why that caught my eye!) Anyway, good blog. Tons of great info for beginners and more advanced writers.

Jennifer R. Hubbard’s Livejournal – Jennifer shares writing info, helpful hints and inspiring challenges to her readers.

Gail Carson Levine’s website – She wrote a little book called Ella Enchanted. Ever heard of it? 🙂 Great from an author who been there, done that, and still doing it.

Those are enough for today. Slow down. Take little bites. I’ll post more next weekend! 

(FTR – I did not receive any compensation for sharing the above links and info. I am not endorsing nor conding anything you find within the pages of the websites listed above. Check them out and make your own decisions.)

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