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Waking up Grumpy: Life in a bubble

I am not one to shelter my kids. Yet, as a homeschooling mom, I am often asked if I think I keep my kids in a bubble. Really?

Let’s see…

My kids are taught by me at home, yes. We do most of our work during the day on the couch, at the table or sitting on our beds.

But we also go hiking, swimming and numerous “spontaneous” adventures throughout the year. We have zoo trips, local and state park trips and “hop in the car and find a cool place to stop” trips. We have sleepovers and church lock-ins. We have football and Wii parties. We allow and encourage them to participate in drama classes, choirs (singing and handbell), youth bands and soccer. We have nature walks, visits to nursing homes and chances to reach out to the community in very tangible ways.

All of the above activites are with other kids their age: public schooled, private schooled and homeschooled kids!

We talk about and investigate local and world news. We expose them to the REAL Situations (not jersey shore Situations) around the world. We encourage them to be independent, yet still grow their relationships with one another. We don’t skip the hard questions – but we don’t pressure them to grow up too fast, either.

Did I mention we have dish network and netflix *gasp!*)?

Oh – and we mess up. We apologize. We mess up again. We apologize, again. And again. And again.

Did I mention we mess up?

I was a public school kid – and my life growing up looked very much like my kids life. Tons of activities – tons of encouragement. We were busy, busy, busy…and loved, loved, loved. Always, always loved.

So maybe I lived in a bubble. And maybe my kids do, too.

I guess, then, if this is a bubble, then I like it just fine.

What does YOUR bubble look like?


7 thoughts on “Waking up Grumpy: Life in a bubble

  1. I think it is a stereotype that has developed. I know a few folks who homeschool and do fit that stereotype, but I also know many many more who do not (like you). Unfamiliar people don’t realize that homeschool curriculum has come a long way, as has the networking and social interaction of those kids. It’s also in part a defensive remark for some who feel guilty for not sacrificing their time, energy and career to do the same.


  2. I’ve never gotten the “bubble” question, but I’ve sure gotten the socialization question before. I guess they’re sort of similar, though. Really, if they would just talk intelligently to my kids, they’d figure it out (maybe)!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting the other day. BTW, I think we live rather close to each other. I live in Concord. 🙂


  3. K – thank you for understanding on a level many folks don’t. I’m one of your biggest fans, ya know. 🙂

    Bethany – SERIOUSLY? We are close! We MUST get together in person.
    And I agree… the “socialization” and “bubble” question are the same. It’s a knee-jerk reaction by some. I know many, many folks who are very supportive of our decision to homeschool. Even though we are the only HS family at our church, even our pastor is supportive, too!

    We DO have to get together. Do you have my email addy?


  4. I really like your bubble analogy of homeschooling your own children vs. being in public school yourself. Great wording!

    Can’t believe you have dishnetwork AND netflix – you must be one of THOSE homeschoolers. 🙂

    Love the post – and bubble!


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