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Still Learning: Hiking, bears and other pretty stuff

My husband, kids and I love to go hiking.

Wait…let me revise that first statement.

My husband and I love to go hiking.

The kids like to go as long as – 1. I have plenty of snacks  2. It’s not too cold or too hot  3. The hike is no longer than 2 miles  4. We take plenty of breaks  5. We get ice cream afterward. (I’m actually with them on all the points except for number three. I like a minimum of 4 miles in a hike.)

So today, I’m going to share some links and info on hiking, bears and nature in general. If you hike or know someone who does, feel free to pass this post along to them!

1.NPS- National Parks Service website. Each page is like the tip of the NPS iceburg. Too much good info on that site to see in one sitting.

2. Bears. Yep – they are in the woods. (Shocker, I know!) But will they attack sleeping humans? Can Grizzlies climb trees? Click HERE for the answers. It’s from the NPS website. (I told you it was informative.) That link is specifically for Denali Park in Alaska, but the general info on bears applies across the board.

3. Bear Pits – do you know what a bear pit is? I do. I’m not a fan. But if you are interested in seeing one, HERE is a site that gives a good description of two pits within a few hours driving distance of Charlotte, NC. And here is a link for a bear pit. Very sad… http://www.flickr.com/photos/jacobkrejci/2729295975/

4. Waterfalls are one of my favorite things to see on a hike. Click HERE for a great site listing waterfalls in NC. I could stay on that site for days and still not read everything!

5. And if you want to go the Land of Waterfalls… Click HERE. *It’s in Transylvania, NC. But don’t worry, there are probably no vampires there.)

5. Hiking with kids? Go HERE. You’ll see why! (All within driving distance of Charlotte)

Got any good places to share? I’m always on the lookout for more hiking trails and hiking info!


11 thoughts on “Still Learning: Hiking, bears and other pretty stuff

  1. Hi Donna,
    Four miles minimum? I vote with the kids! Are you keeping score? Maybe other readers will chime in too. 🙂

    Linda A.


  2. Hi Linda!
    The reason I like a minimum of 4 miles is b/c we usually travel at least 45 minutes to reach a trailhead. If I have to drive that long to get to a trail, I want it to count.

    PLUS, I need to hike enough so the ice cream I eat afterwards doesn’t count. 🙂


  3. Hiking?

    Ummm…I gave that up about 40 years ago. But you just knock yourself out, Sweetie, and have the time of your life.

    Show me the photos later.



    1. Jean – I read your reply several times. I laughed each time! 🙂 I’m going to try and get Sean to update our hiking page sometime in the next few months. But in case that doesn’t happen, I’ll send you some pics soon!


  4. Donna, I just read your poem in the SCBWI newsletter and I love it … it described my day to the tee even though I don’t do FB or Twitter. Today was one of those unfocused days because of the continued wackiness … and although I know I should be able to get some writing done in 30 min batches, all I did was housework and read blogs and write emails … and now the day is nearly done and I’m bone tired because I stayed up late last night writing … because that was the only time I had yesterday.

    Hiking is so wonderful … we’re in the Pacific NW with plenty of opportunities. The steep climbs are very hard for me because of being overweight … and going downhill harder still because of a bad knee. But I have a lovely walking stick that a friend found so I use it. It fits my height perfectly and is smooth and sturdy.


  5. Hi Vijaya! I’m so glad you liked the poem. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with getting in my writing time. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the hills being hard on the knees. I am overweight (a lot!) and my knee felt like it was going to reach up and slap me yesterday. ESPECIALLY going down hill. Why is that? Grrr!

    Walking sticks are wonderful! My mama gave me one for Christmas. I used it the whole hike.

    I do hope I get to meet you in person one day, my friend. I’m a hugger…so be prepared. 😉


  6. Great list! I love to hike too. Now that my kids are a little older I hope to do more hiking with them. Perhaps starting this spring! I really have to check out that link with the waterfalls.



    1. Hi Christy!
      The waterfalls near Brevard are breathtaking! There are also plenty near Highlands.
      We stopped at Dry Falls on the curvy mountain road knows as Hwy 64. You can WALK behind the falls! It’s gorgeous!

      THis is a description from http://www.ncmountainlife.com/mountain-waterfalls.php –Located on the Cullasaja River with sprays of water and thundering sounds, this falls is anything but “dry.” Travel behind the falls in the recessed area, and you’ll take in the views of millions of gallons of water cascading over the edge. Located on hway 64 west of Highlands.


  7. Oh gosh…I’m one of your kids!!! I am #1-#4 LOL…My hubby and I go hiking a lot, but it took a while for me to get into it. I realized it is more fun than a workout video.


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