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And the Winner is…(cue the drumroll)…


This seems WAY too easy to just announce who won. I mean, if I just tell you, where’s the suspense? Where’s the fluttery-feeling in your stomach? Where’s the nail-biting moment before the big reveal?

Hmmm… what if I upped the prize? What if there are TWO winners? Yeah. I like that idea.

Let the nail-biting and tummy-flutters begin!

Sean just stuck his hand in the bowl (with eyes closed, of course)…

Swirly – swirly – swirly – SNAG! 

And again, his hand is swirling – whirling – round it goes (NO PEEKING!) and… SNAG!

Let’s all ask in our sweetest voice, “Who won, Hon?”

(that was so sweet, y’all!)

His answer?

RUTH and Nicole Zoltack!”

Huge thanks to all who signed up for this contest. I wish I had enough books for everyone. Now, if you want a chance to win something that tastes good, check out Kristi M’s blog HERE!

Ruth and Nicole Z, please email me at wordwranglernc at hotmail dot com with your snail mail address and the pb you want critiqued. (sorry for the funky way my email is typed, but trying to keep out bots and such!)


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