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Waking Up Grumpy: Time Flies via Doctor Who

Recently, I’ve been caught up in the new Doctor Who. (Thank you, Netflix!) The whole concept of a “time lord” is fascinating. The good Doctor flows in and out of time as if he is walking in and out of a room. He does his best not to change history, but in his inability to be perfect, he DOES change it, bit by little bit. 

His companions come in and out of his life, unable to stay for very long. All love him very much, but his journey is NOT their journey. They cannot walk his walk. He never stops long enough to put down roots. He often doesn’t see the joy of being in the company of his “mates” (and by mates, I mean FRIENDS) until it is too late. The Doctor dines with poets, philosphers and kings,  and yet, many days, he just a lonely man living, flying through time.

Doctor Who is the last of his kind, but the human companions in his life come and go. Some by choice, others not. They leave him, all with unfinished business.

The girls and I watched this Doctor Who episode a few weeks ago. It made me stop and think. Am I leaving things unfinished? Am I loving those around me to the fullest capacity?

As living, spiritual beings, we are surrounded by others walking the same road, striving with the same issues and carrying similar baggage. How often do we…do I…look around and realize time has flown by and we’ve missed out on what was important? Will we, like the doctor and doctor’s companions, leave those around us broken-hearted? Or will we (even when life is flying by) make the most of our time and be fence-menders and peace-makers?


7 thoughts on “Waking Up Grumpy: Time Flies via Doctor Who

  1. I’m not familiar with the Dr. Who movie/show. Is it a series? On which network? Looks interesting.

    I hope I don’t leave anyone broken-hearted — I want to leave good memories! Important to remember, huh?


  2. Doctor Who…one of the coolest shows on TV. Well, on BBC, that is.
    Doctor Who was an old TV show that has recently been resurrected (I think about 4 years ago?). It falls under the category of “science fiction”, but can be absurd and campy with the occasional scary story line. It has dealt with the issue of slavery in a weird futuristic way (the Oods) and other important issues in a very “the doctor” way. 🙂 It’s also fun to watch b/c they have important literary figures in some of the episodes (Agatha Christie and Charles Dickens are just two), but add the sci-fi and weird element to the storyline.

    I used to watch the old Doctor Who (when we could find it), so this is a cool find for the sci-fi side of my personality. 🙂 My oldest DD got me hooked on the new series, but I only allow the younger girls to watch the ones that won’t cause any type of nightmares. They like to talk about time travel and the “rules” of it all. It’s interesting to hear their theories, to say the least! 🙂


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