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W2I updates: In the Bull-Ring

WOW. What a whirlwind of a conference!

I had a blast at Write2ignite (as always) and came away encouraged by many things.

Two of my stories were read during the First Pages. I received some great feedback, encouraging comments with some “ouch, that stings, but they have a point!” moments, too.

Saturday afternoon, I ended up having about a minute to pitch a few of my projects (including the “first pages” projects) to an agent at the conference.  It was an experience I needed and ended up with a “green light” to submit some of my work.

I also had a lightbulb moment. I need help. (Yeah, yeah. So you already knew that. But let me finish explaining…) I taught a workshop during the conference, and received some wonderful and insightful feedback. Everyone I talked to was gracious and said they learned a lot from the workshop.  But I knew, as I was teaching, that I was full of fear.

As much as I love talking one-on-one, and as much as I love singing … I always experience anxiety when I talk or sing in front of a crowd. When teaching the workshop, I was covered in that same fear. And believe me, it showed.

Fear of talking or singing in front of a crowd can be a real handicap…and not only when I lead writing workshops. Did I mention I’m one of the worship leaders at our church’s early service? My fear can get in the way of the work that needs to be done. My fear can get in the way of the creative process. My fear can get in the way of everything!

I am learning to let God move me out of the way, so I can move in His spirit and His leading. And this learning process isn’t easy. The very thing I know I’m called to do is also the very place in my life I have allowed fear to take root.

So today, I’m making a decision. 

I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and digging my spurs in the dirt. This fear isn’t going to throw me out of the ring. I need to remember one thing: I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me. And that includes conquering the bull of fear.

What fear do you need to grab by the horns? What fear has kept you from jumping in the ring? What fear has chased you from the fight?


6 thoughts on “W2I updates: In the Bull-Ring

  1. Donna,
    You might have been nervous, but I couldn’t tell it as one who attended. You appeared relaxed and confident. You had prepared and your content was organized. You did great!

    I’m glad you’re taking the bull by the horns. Good for you. How will you do that? Prayer and practice?

    Is there a Christian women’s organization that provides opportunities for speaking? I attended one as a guest once years ago. Do you know?

    Good luck to you!
    Linda A.


  2. Linda – you are too kind! I appreciate the encouragement.

    I really was full of anxiety about the whole experience, though. I can honestly say that if my anxiety didn’t come through, it was b/c of HIM!
    I will be praying, praying, praying and also researching/learning more by reading and hopefully going to a few workshops. Did I mention I’ll be praying, too? 🙂


  3. I”m praying for that fear, Donna.

    I’m also planning to attend She Speaks/She Writes/She Leads this July in Concord. I’m asking God to provide the money.

    Maybe we could go together? She Speaks might be right up your alley.

    Love you,
    Mama Jean


  4. Thank you, Jean! I know I am not as fearful in getting up and speaking as I used to be…but I still have a long way to go. The good thing is this, I know that He is able to continue to use me, even when I’m shaking in my boots! 🙂


  5. Glad your conference went well & that you got the green light for some of your projects! That’s always good. “They” say that the best way to conquer your fears is to just do it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day; I’m not nearly as neurotic as the FlyLady, but thanks for the kudos :-). Happy Saturday!


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