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Creative Sunday

Not much going on around here lately.


Life has been crazy-in-a-good-way-mostly.

One of the crazy-in-a-good-way things is music. Lots and lots of music.

Sean and his bandmates over at www.soundoffaith.com just had a photo shoot and are working on their new album. My oldest girl is practicing guitar almost everyday…on her OWN…without being told to! My middle girl is learning piano and practicing on her OWN…alot. We even have to tell her to stop sometimes. I love it! My youngest is doing her thang (yes, THANG). That means singing her prayers, making up songs, dancing to her own little rhythm section. And let me tell you, the girl has got some rhythm. She can keep a beat to almost anything I give her.

And me? Well, I’ve picked up my guitar again. My creative juices are flowing. I’ve learned the MUD SONG (guitar and vocals) and my hubster is going to play his bass with me one Sunday. It will be the first time we’ve played together with both of us on a guitar. It might even be the first time we’ve played music together at all. If we have played together, I sure don’t remember! (I should know this, shouldn’t I?)

Enough about me and my clan. Here are some other sweet youngin’s rocking the world with their own brand of music. The first is a sweet little kiddo sharing a rendition of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. I don’t think the sweet little boy has the words quite right, but the facial expresions are perfect! 🙂 The second video, well, I think you’ll recognize what is being sung. ENJOY!


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