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Publishing: Riding the Kindle wave?

Nathan Bransford shares his thoughts on the Amanda Hocking success story and other stories like hers. (You can find HER thoughts on the whole thing HERE.)

Give it a read and come back and share your thoughts, please! I’m curious to know what you take away from his post.


9 thoughts on “Publishing: Riding the Kindle wave?

  1. Very interesting. My mind is totally NOT made up about e-publihsing. I sense the tsnami-like changes in traditional publishing and I’m trying to ride the wave until I make a final decision.

    I think that, eventually, both publication forms will co-exist and readers will continue to have choices.

    It’s something like the world of fashion. We have for years had these ivory tower fashion moguls across the sea deciding how we should dress. And we have multitudes of Americans following their lead.

    But we also have the rebels who choose to dress in the styles and fabrics and shoes that make them comfortable.

    I think it will be the same way with publication. I think readers get tired of big publishing houses telling us what we should be reading right now. We have followers and we have rebels. The rebels will go with e-publishing just for the sake of rebelling if for no other reason.

    But we’ll always have the traditionalists who stand on their stack of paperbacks and refuse to budge.

    Consumerism and materialism IS about having choices, isn’t it? That’s why we have 500 breakfast cereals from which to choose. It’s not about “good taste” but about what tastes good to individuals.



  2. I know that there can be a success story in all of us, but I am highly against myself getting an e-reader. I have stated my thoughts about e-readers in a post on my blog a while back…I was surprised how only self-published authors seemed to disagree with me the most. While other writers and mostly just your average reader was not into e-readers.
    I like my books….I like that I can drop them into the bath and they will get all soggy, I like that my dog can find it and chew on it, I like that they smell like paper, or whatever they were closest too.
    When I am published I will love all ways of publishing, e-reader included, but I will NEVER purchase an e-reader….heck, I am still anti iPad, 1 or 2….apparently lol.


    1. Yeah – I know what you mean about books! I love the smell of old books, new books and in-between books! I love the feel of them in my hand. And strangely enough, when I bend the books back and dog-ear the pages, they are suddenly and forever MINE. 🙂

      I told my hubby that if he bought me an e-reader for any reason, it was proof he was NOT listening to me at all! (thankfully, for him, he’s listened so far.)


  3. I think it’s a debate without possibility of a specific conclusion. Amanda Hockey’s eBook success is probably no different than the occasional exceptional overnight success stories we’ve heard of in the traditionally published sector.

    I don’t have an eReader, but I do have the Kindle app on my laptop and have downloaded a few eBooks, although I haven’t read any of them yet. That experience tells me I probably wouldn’t make good use of an eReader.


  4. It’s so hard to tell what’s going to happen as the years go by. I’m wondering if the fascination with e-readers will lessen. I got one for Christmas and have read a couple of books on it, and they’re neat devices, but truth be told. I like regular books better. Am wondering if others feel the same way…


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