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Fuzzy Wuzzy? Knobby? Or…

Y’all know my weird fascination with Bigfoot, right? A few weeks ago I posted a link to a local bigfoot story. (You can find it here.) AND today, I’m sharing a shady update. Just click on the play button below…

Now, as much as I like the legends and such, this video just makes me laugh. Watch it a couple of times and you’ll notice that Ol’ Knobby looks like he’s in a hurry to get somewhere. Where do YOU think he’s heading? Maybe to rent a more realistic Sasquatch costume and find a better cameraman?

There is also a newspaper story here: http://www.shelbystar.com/news/legend-47482-sighting-late.html with more info on the fella who shot the footage.

I’m also in a quandry. If there is more than one Bigfoot… what is the plural? Bigfeet? That seems like more of a commentary on their shoe size. (but they don’t wear shoes, right?) What about Bigfoots? No. That just isn’t right. And I really don’t want to offend should I ever run into more than one at a time.  Your opinion? (Perhaps they prefer Sasquatch? But what is the plural of that? Sasquatches? Hmmm… sounds like a really hairy watch)

Anyway, one more celebration today. I have lost 5.8lbs total so far. I know it’s a far cry from the 50lbs (or more) that I need to lose, but it is a start. 

Thanks to all of you for continuing to read my blog – even when it is full of fuzzy-wuzzy videos. 😉

(And btw – my computer is still messed up. *blech* My sweet hubster is doing all he can to fix it. And though I’ve enjoyed the down time, it’s also a little annoying NOT to be able to use my year old laptop. *double-blech*  A huge thanks to my hubby for sharing his computer with me so I could update my blog!)

p.s. A huge part of me really does believe there are animals (like “bigfoot”) out there that we can’t explain – but this particular video really isn’t helping my cause!


7 thoughts on “Fuzzy Wuzzy? Knobby? Or…

  1. One of these days we’ll have to go find Bigfoot and ask him your questions…although, now that I think about it, Bigfoot has been around for a long time. Supposing there is a Mrs. Bigfoot, there could even be a Junior by now. Hmmm.


  2. This was the kind of blog that my tired brain could enjoy tonight. only a writer would wonder what the plural of Bigfoot is! (or is that are?)
    Keep on going on the weight loss…I’ll be cheering you on!
    PS Say hi to one of my favorite young writers for me, will you? No one ever emailed me off my blog for new followers so Blue goes unclaimed. I guess I’ll try again later…


  3. I get a kick out of those kind of video’s.

    congrats on the weight loss. It sounds like we’re on the same schedule. I’m going for a 50 lb loss and I just started this week and lost almost 5 lbs. We need to keep cheering each other on! :0)

    Good luck


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