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Stuff you need to check out

If you’ve been investigating writing for children for more than two seconds, then you have probably run across the author and editor, HAROLD UNDERDOWN. Maybe you’ve even checked out his website, THE PURPLE CRAYON.  (If you haven’t, you need to after you finish this blog post!)  Anyway, Mr. Underdown is fabulous. He’s so fabulous that he has agreed to answer writers’ questions over on Carol Baldwin’s blog. You can find the questions and answers here…

Part I (http://carolbaldwinblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/interview-with-harold-underdown-part-i.html)

Part II (http://carolbaldwinblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/interview-with-harold-underdown-part-ii.htm)

Did I mention he is fabulous? He’s even more fabulous because if YOU have questions that haven’t already been addressed in Part I or II, he’ll answer them, too! Just send your questions to Carol Baldwin: cbaldwin6@carolina.rr.com.  She has another section to post, so get those questions in soon! (These should be questions that are not easily answered in online searches, etc.)

 And for all you historical romance writers out there – who are also writing a story that doesn’t go against your Christian values – check out these submission guidelines with Steeple Hill: http://www.eharlequin.com/articlepage.html?articleId=1186&chapter=0

Last thing — if you want to see a great SCBWI newsletter, check it out here: http://www.scbwicarolinas.org/scbwi-carolinas/pen-palette/46-pen-a-palette-2011-spring.html  (yes, it’s the CAROLINAS chapter!)

Let me know what you thought about the Q&A over on Carol’s blog and the SCBWI newsletter if you get a chance!


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