writing for children

Our Dog

Boo-Boo sprawls across the cold kitchen linoleum,

regal in her black and tan fur coat

this Katharine Hepburn of canines

                         another effortless performance

                                          Oscar worthy, really

she moves, but just enough to remind us she’s there


no growling or barking

to force her presence upon us

just the occasional contented moan

as she stares into the corner of the room

somehow still drawing our attention

to the fact that we have not yet

given her what she knows we will —

              our “you’re the sweetest doggie in the whole world” praises,

scratches behind her perfect floppy ears

        and the last 


      morsel of

our steak


10 thoughts on “Our Dog

  1. Hi to the other Kristi! I was going to start my comment off with Aww! too!!

    Can relate…we have a princess dog at our house too…14 years old and so spoiled…snuggled up to me right now. Mine doesn’t get steak though.

    Love you!


    1. Kristi B – our sweet doggie is 12! She is a big ol’ dog – but likes to cuddle. It’s really cute when our 55lb dog jumps on your lap and tries to snuggle. 🙂 (And she only gets a little bit of steak every once in a while…cause we only get steak every once in a while!)


  2. Poetry from a dog’s perspective is a morsel of steak! Our 90 lb. Lab drools and waits for the last bite of anything we’re eating. LOL. The drool is gross, but it’s hard to resist the eyes.


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