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Guest blogger and clogged drains…

My mom is the bomb. (yes, that sentence just showed my age, but I don’t care. It’s the truth.) Let me repeat that phrase. She is the bomb. She rocks. She is cooler than cool beans. And you know what? On top of all that, she is full of Godly wisdom and encourages me every day! So, today, I’m going to share some of her encouragement with you so you can be blessed, too.

Mom sent me (and several other folks) an email today, and I’m posting the first part of it below. I have a few questions for you after the excerpt. Read on…


Greetings Beautiful People!

I sat down earlier and tried to write this e-mail. I had a topic that kept turning over in my mind, but, apparently it wasn’t what was on God’s mind. It just wouldn’t come together! After struggling with it for awhile I finally gave up and took a break. As I was cleaning out my kitchen sink, I got the message( God sure does have a since of humor). In the drain of my kitchen sink I have a strainer. I’m a baker so lots of stuff gets in my sink that could stop it up. That’s why I have a “filter” to catch it. This strainer even catches cornmeal! It’s a good one! If I don’t keep it cleaned out, the water will back up (yuck)! Sometimes I’m in a hurry to get through so I just lift up that filter and let the “stuff” drain into my pipes. I’m not saying it is a smart thing to do, I’m just saying I do it sometimes. If I do it too many times, you know what happens! That stuff that I don’t let my filter catch stops up my sink, and since I am a baker, stops me from being productive. I have to unstop my drains in order to be productive again!

This reminded me of how the Holy Spirit filters my life. When I listen to Him, my wrong desires are caught  in His filter, and I can remain productive . However, when I choose to not listen to Him, but instead, choose to follow my own desires and decisions(remove the filter), I allow the gunk to stop up my pipes and my production comes to a grinding halt! Thank God He doesn’t leave me that way!

I am sharing again from a chart in my Life Application Bible. Notice the comparisons and leave that filter in place! Experience has taught me that the fruit is a lot better than the gunk!

Wrong desires versus the Fruit of the Spirit…

     Our wrong desires                   The fruit of the Spirit

1.     Evil                                      Good

2.    Destructive                          Productive

3.    Easy to ignite                       Difficult to ignite

4.    Difficult to stifle                 Easy to stifle

5.    Self centered                      Self giving

6.    Oppressive and possessive     Listening and nurturing

7.    Decadent                             Uplifting

8.    Sinful                                  Holy

9.    Deadly                                Abundant life


Now I don’t know about you, but this speaks to me! I really recognized myself in number three! I can be “easy to ignite”. Grrrr! I am so thankful for God’s grace. Do you see yourself in the list above? What are some ways the Holy Spirit has filtered unhealthy things (gunk!) out of your life? Is your drain gunked up right now? Or have you had a recent drain cleaning?

p.s. that pic is from morguefile.com  I did a search for clogged drains and BAM! The only pic was the one I posted. Perfect, isn’t it? God DOES indeed care about everything. Even helping me find the right pic for my blog post. Very cool!

5 thoughts on “Guest blogger and clogged drains…

  1. Donna,

    How blessed you are to have such a wise and uplifting mother. Donna, you and your mom could make a wonderful writing duo like “He said, She said” with Christian Devotions US. I can tell where you get your writing genes. Thanks again for the inspiring blog post, Donna’s mom!

    Linda A.


  2. You are right. Your Mom is the BOMB! What a huge gift God has given you in her. Thanks for this reminder to keep my pipes cleaned out.


    I don’t want gunk clogging up my life.



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