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Osama Bin Laden is dead.

On one hand, I am glad so many folks now have closure.

On the other hand, I believe (sadly) that there are others thirsty and hungry to fill Bin Laden’s shoes.

And on the other hand (yes, I have more than two hands), I have to agree with a lady named Suzanne Eller. She tweeted this today: 

@suzanneeller Grieved that a man met eternity and didn’t know Christ. But also grateful that a man who killed so many can no longer hurt others. #torn

And on my fourth (and final) hand, I agree with this tweet from Mark Waldrop:

@marktheshark Jesus spoke about loving your enemies, but remember that it was necessary for David to kill Goliath. Justice is sad & sobering. Love wins.

How do YOU feel about Bin Laden’s death?


3 thoughts on “TORN

  1. wow, interesting post, Donna. ANd lots of hands. Yes, the Lord’s ways and justice are often way beyond what we understand or know. And throughout the SCritpures evil and sin are punished. Those are sobering thoughts to drive us to Jesus!


  2. I believe we must live the change we wish to see in the world (as Gandhi said so well). So I too am torn between relief that families have “justice” and believing that killing can never end killing.


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